#3 Keeper of the eternal peace

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Day three!

Maybe you recognize him, this is the true form of Ankour, who I have uploaded yesterday. Ankour is an young inhabitant of the netherworld and is supposed to take the place of Charon someday. But he still has to grow into this position (that’s the reason why his robe is too large for him. On the day it fits him he will become the new ferryman of the death). But until this day it is his duty to watch over death peoples resting and to take care that nobody and nothing disturbs it. Because he is very talented in calming people down he also confinces restless souls to follow him and leads them to the netherworld.

When Anlour started at his job he was very easily scared and needed a lot of devotion. He is still a bit scared about darkness but he has learnd how important it is to appear confident to the souls of death people and he also wants his older colleagues to be proud of him. They always keep an eye on him.

One day he was asked by Charon to take care for a certain person, who was still alive.  So Ankour created the identity of Ankour Stjarnason, the older brother of Elin, whose parents had died and left her all alone.  Surprisingly he had to realise, that another inhabitant of the netherworl has allready startde to watch over Elin…


The name Ankour is based on “Ankou”, a personifcation of death and known as  “grave yard watcher” and “henchman of death” in breton and french mythology. Every graveyard is supossed to be guarded by one Ankou, whose duty ist to lead souls to the gates of the netherworld and to protect the peace at a graveyard. Some people say thats the reason for feeling uneasy at graveyards.

Because Ankous are often described as wearing a large black hat I decided to give a black hood to Ankour


Edit 6.11: I replaced the outlines with the colored version

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