#3 – Kriff

| November 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Finally! I’m loosening up and my stuff is getting a little more dynamic. 30 Characters, you’re already working your magic!

Kriff, 19. The human child Brynn replaced. She was kidnapped as an infant and spent her life with a colony of forest trolls, cut off from all human contact. As such, she is as feral as any of her adopted family, often moreso due to a deep insecurity stemming from her unnatural appearance. Kriff is very sensitive to the fact that she herself is not a troll but isn’t sure she’d ever leave the only home she’s ever known. Fierce, hostile, mistrustful and coarse, despite her gentle human origins, she’d fight to the death to protect her clan.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Superhero

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24. Amazing. Hails from the glistening shores of Salt Lake City, Utah. I like indie comics, webcomics, all things DC and many things Marvel, and I think designing thirty characters will be a great exercise for me! Who's ready to get rolling?

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  1. miskatonica says:

    Whoa, I like this! Quite a different feel from your previous pictures, but the sketchiness is great. I get a really strong sense of her personality from this picture, and she definitely looks like a wild child. Interesting dynamic with her adoptive family, too!

  2. Diana says:

    I love her expression.

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