#3 – Maria Toella Zunft

| November 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Reserved is the first word one would use to describe Maria. She has been the Doctor for the Wizard’s Academy for over 20 years, and has grown to disdain the other Wizards like one looks down upon a a gaggle of unruly siblings. Though she couldn’t’ be brought to truly hate them, she does judge others on a constant basis, and can be quite opinionated on the rare occasion that someone demands to know what she thinks. For the most part the other wizards are glad that at least one of them has the adeptness and level-headed demeanor with wounds and healing that Maria has, and their occasional praise and her comfortable position at the Academy has kept her their despite having no real love for the place or people there.


It is that cool and observation personality that aided Leandra once. The master she had been apprenticing under had become more and more violent over time, and when Maria discovered her at the bottom of a flight of stairs, she investigated the wounds further, suspected foul play, and immediately wrote a report to the headmasters demanding that they deny that Master any more apprentices. In that way she also shows her last notable trait: a soft spot for younger Wizards. In her mind, it’s only as they age that they become wicked or slothly, so she shows a much gentler touch to her younger wards, especially since they are still endebted to the system, and by her mind, innocent and worthy of protection. She has been known to buy candies and distribute them amongst the children in the dormitories. On the same day, she might pour medicine into the food of her more disliked fellow Wizards to keep them from keeping down an over-eaten meal.

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  1. I like her design. She has a very stern look, but she still seems to have a hint of medical compassion.

    • PlotholeTsi says:

      Hey, thanks! I’m happy I could pull that into the drawing that well, it’s just what I was going for. ‘the strict but CRUEL older lady.’ I’ve been looking at your designs and world-building on your blog, too. You’ve got some really interesting stuff there. I liked the thought you put into the cabin drawing on your main character’s airship 🙂

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