#3 – Michael Grandison (Werewolf)

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#3 – Michael Grandison

17 years old and living in Chambersburg, PA.
Michael was born a werewolf, though the mutation didn’t manifest itself until he was 14 years old. Throughout his life, his parents prepared him for the coming change by enforcing a life meditation and relaxation. His goal is to avoid becoming worked up because even adrenaline can cause his strength and senses to activate, causing him difficulty being reasonable. Over the years he’s learned defensive martial arts and Eastern meditation techniques.

Michael lives with two great fears, the first is losing control of himself and attacking someone, the second is nights there is an eclipse of the full moon, when he becomes completely savage.

Due to the werewolf gene being infused with his DNA, Michael has severe reactions to chemical additives in his food. While he tries to eat as normally as possible, he has to avoid heavily processed foods and drinks.

Michael is an average student and enjoys the subjects of biology, math, and wood shop.

Michael is the lead character in the book Adrenaline Town, which has yet to be written.

A special thanks to my talented daughter Mackenzie for her art skills.  She will always be a better artist than I could dream of being.


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