#3 – Rock

| November 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

One of the things I loved about the Bronze-age Marvel books which I read as a child, was the seemingly endless supply of villains which at the end of every issue would appear, normally yelling out some threat, or smashing something to get the heroes tired attention.

We wanted to create a team of bad guys (or gals) who embodied just that sense – a kind of absurd “you cannot be serious!” moment, tempered with a realization that these people are bad and want to hurt the good guys. That they may actually be a threat!

Tomorrow and Saturday will see Rock joined by her team mates…



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  1. LobotomyPop says:

    Ooooh, very cool. I like the close-up down there very much.

  2. Michael Perridge says:

    I like a lot about this one, but then I do love the Bronze Marvels too!

  3. jamiegambell says:

    Thank you both!

    A real favourite of mine from those old Bronze Age days was a Thing vs Hulk fight, with pieces of yellow rock flying off as the first thunderous punch was landed!

    Think Jonathan did a great job with getting the look of our lady Rock right.

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