#3 Roland de Luca

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Big cat veterinarian. Canadian transplant. Hereditary witch.


Name: Roland de Luca.

Age: 26.

Appearance: 5’11. Very “Italian” looking–black hair, dark eyes, olive skin. Good build from running. He likes clothes but doesn’t dress ostentatiously. He has a tattoo of a cimaruta charm on the back of his neck, and two more tattoos on the left shoulder and ankle.

Personal: Hereditary Italian witch or Strega. His particular power is shapeshifting; his preferred form is a Canadian lynx, though he can shift into other forms as well (mainly cats. He’s a cat person). Along with his family, he participates in seasonal rituals and works the occasional home spell, though he doesn’t practice intensively as Cora does. He is, however, religious where Cora is an atheist.

Overview: Roland de Luca was thirteen when he witnessed a vision of the Goddess his family worshiped–a dream which nearly killed him, and left him with the power of the Benandanti: shapeshifting. Working to master this power throughout his youth, he felt an affinity with cats and eventually moved to Cleveland, OH from his family home near Toronto, CA, to study big cat veterinary medicine. He got a job with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and settled into life as a Clevelandite…until he ran into a lady casting spells in the middle of the street one night. After a spot of one-up-man-ship, Roland and Cora settled into somewhat of a partnership based around combating a strange rash of crime in the city. One of these run-ins, however, has affected Roland’s power to shift…

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  1. GirlHero says:

    I am actually super interested in this guy! I genuinely want to know more about him and I’d read whatever project he’s in. Plus, you know, guy that loves animals = adorable forever.

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks! The more I brainstorm his character, the more interested I become, too. 😀

    • GirlHero says:

      I’d love to see more! Are you doing a novel or a comic or something?

      • Diana says:

        I am scribbling some stuff about Roland, Cora (my first character post during this challenge), and a few others I will be posting here, in what seems to work best as a comic script. Of course, I can’t even draw stick figures, so I’ll probably try to refine a script, then go artist-shopping. :B

  3. GirlHero says:

    That’s the way to go. +o+ I’d definitely read it! Especially since you sound like you know what you’re talking about re: their craft, the systems, the limitations and traditions. That’s pretty rare in fiction of any kind.

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