#3-The Pusherman

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The Pusherman (only known alias C. Hayfield) was a young punk on the streets who grew up through all the crap on the dirty streets of Verde City. He fought his way out and became a defense attorney, fighting for the wrongly accused of Verde City’s Slums. One day though, after successfully defending his client, Freddie Dunn, for Murder 1 and breaking and entering. He goes home that day to find his apartment ransacked and his wife murdered, with all the trademarks that his own defendant, (one he had believed innocent). He disappeared before the police arrived and fell off the grid.

A year later, a new drug lord starts to rise in the Slums, known as the Pusherman. In an almost bloodless takeover, he controlled most of Verde City’s drug system, except for a small part, controlled by Jet Disco. They continue to fight over the last bit of territory Jet controls for the past couple years, with only the Prick keeping the violence from spreading. Apparently.

This is the first in what is most likely going to be a series of characters from an old concept for a webcomic I wanted to do, as you can probably tell by the last sentence. Hope you enjoy.

Also another note, if anyone can help me with a problem I am having using the template. I keep trying to put my (very large) images in behind the copyright, and whenever I scale it to fit, it crops everything that wasn’t on the canvas already. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, can you please tell me? Thank you if you take the time.

No prize for who can tell me what the C. in C. Hayfield means. The hint is in a couple of the villains’ names.


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