#3 Thomas Finn

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Name: Thomas Finn

Age: 34

Birth date: June 5, 1975

Occupation: FBI agent

PB: Mark Wahlberg


The first thing you need to know about Thomas is that he never wanted to be an FBI agent. He was never interested in police work or the greater good or anything like that. He wanted to be something unobtrusive, like a middle school science teacher or an accountant. But when all the men in your family…and some of the women… work for the FBI? Well, you don’t have much of a choice.

At first his family was thrilled that he had decided to follow in the tradition, after all. That enthusiasm didn’t last very long. No matter where they assigned him he never seemed to fit. He was constantly losing files, misidentifying marks, deleting recordings and don’t even ask about his record with a firearm. They’d have dismissed him years ago, if not for his family history. His only saving grace was that he hadn’t done anything that had completely ruined a case or gotten anyone killed. He was, simply, just a major inconvenience for everyone else.

Due to a lack of options, he was given an undercover assignment with strict instructions to keep his mouth shut and not do anything. True to form, he blew his cover. However, he was so absolutely inept that the group he was in with thought he was joking around and carried on as if nothing had happened. His superiors were baffled. They’d finally found something he couldn’t screw up. He became their newest star undercover agent, whether he liked it or not. He still blew his cover occasionally, but he somehow managed to keep it together long enough to get the information they needed.

As far as his home life goes? Well, it doesn’t.  He moved out of his parent’s house when he was 18, getting his own small apartment. He was engaged once to a lovely girl named Felicia. Two months away from the wedding, though, she decided she’d had enough of him losing these, dropping this, forgetting that. She left and he hasn’t really had much luck, since.

The one thing he’s found that he can do without breaking or losing anything is building models. He started with model kits, but he’s since escalated to building scale models of buildings, bridges and monuments from scratch. He gives many away as gifts, but his favorites are scattered around his apartment. The reason (that he has yet to discover) is that it’s something he loves. It’s something HE wants to do. When he’s in the field or planning a wedding  he’s doing what someone else’s told him he needs to do and his heart isn’t in it so his attention wanders.  He’s gotten better with undercover work since he does enjoy pretending to be someone else for a while, but he still wishes he were somewhere else.

His current assignment is infiltrating a group of antiquities smugglers. Over the course of his investigation he’s witnessed a few unexplainable things. He wouldn’t exactly call them supernatural or magic (that’s just crazy, right?) but he’ll be damned if he has any idea what he saw. It has, however, gotten him curious. For the first time since he started working undercover he’s actually interested in a case. Could it be that this will be the first time he makes it all the way through a case without screwing anything up? Might he actually make some discovery that will change everything? If he does he’ll probably be the last to know.



**his first undercover assignment**


Finn shifted uneasily from one foot to the next under the scrutiny of the larger man. “I’m the guy that Vinnie sent you.”

“You said that, already.” He deadpanned, “You don’t look like no car thief.”

Smoothing his hands down the sides of his jeans to wipe the sweat off his palms, Finn cleared his throat. “Yeah, well, you don’t look like the head of a gang so I guess we’re even.” That sounded wimpy even to him. This was never going to work.

The man looked at him a minute before bursting out laughing. “You got a hell of a pair on ya, I’ll give ya that. A’ite. Come on back.”

Finn let out a sigh of relief and smiled as he followed. So far, so good. Now he only had to maintain his cover until the guys could get enough video from the button cam and he was golden. He looked around as he walked, “n-nice place you’ve got, here.”

“Thanks, man. I been collectin’ all this shit for a while, now. Don’t look like I’ll be goin’ nowhere anytime soon so I’m takin’ my time.”

“It shows. I especially like this one.” He gestured to a sculpture they were walking past. “It reminds me of one I saw in the National Gallery in DC…” His eyes got wide as he realized what he just said. Shit. He stammered, “Y-Y-You know, when I went there on that stupid school trip way back when. Did you ever go on that one? You know, when they drag everyone to DC just to look at the statues and the constitution and they think that it’ll make all the kids appreciate the country and how it was founded and all thaaaaa-oh no.” He froze, staring at the gun that was now pointed at his head.

“You a fed.”

“No. No, I’m-“

“You a motha-fuckin’ fed! I oughtta put one in your head right now.”

His words came out in a torrent as he waved his hands between them, “No. Nonononono you’ve got it all wrong. You see, I just went to DC on that class trip, I’m not a fed. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re wrong so please just put the gun away, please.”

“Oh, yeah, like I’m gonna believe that.” He laughed and waved the gun. “Let’s go.”

Finn knew he was out of options. He knew he had to act tough and stand up to this guy, not be the sniveling wimp as he was currently doing a very job of imitating. The boss’ head was turned, this was his chance. Without another thought he reached behind his back for his gun, pulling it out… and promptly losing his grip, sending it skittering across the floor.

The boss looked at the gun, then looked at him. “What the fuck was that?” He fought to keep the corners of his lips from turning as the thugs around him cracked up.

“I…” he sighed, shrugging helplessly and resigning himself to his fate.

“You?” The boss laughed, letting the gun fall to his side. “aww, hell, you ain’t no fed. Vinnie said you was new, he didn’t say you was an idiot. I jus’ hope you steal cars better’n you handle a gun.” He holstered his gun and walked off.

Finn opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Well that could’ve gone better… at least the hardest part was over. He hoped.

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