#3 the solomonite

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sent to earth as a child as part of the galactic forign exchange student program, abe marshall was raised to use his super human powers for the good of mankind. so he did as the powerfly muscled “the solomonite.” but as he grew older and wiser he realized that each enemy was bigger and more powerful than the last.  the planet he loved so dearly was taking more and more damage, and the people he was fighting to save were dying more and more. as he was pondering this a man in black robes apeared and offered him the solution. to rev up his already incrediblly powered body and render him truely invincible. with his insanely powerful body pushed beyond known limits, abe no longer knew pain, fear, weakness, or even humanity. he used his powers to take over the earth to spare them from poor decisions.

it was only his beloved evelyn that kept him from  losing the last shreds of himself. but when she grew ill with an incurable malady, the cloaked man returned again with a new offer. he would save her life- all abe had to do was kill the ghostrunner.

will apear later in grin-n-spirit


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