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I draw the landscapes of space. I sowe the tapestries of time. My power is infinite, and undesputable. I am a force of great destruction, able to wreak havok upon the worlds I have created with a single flick of my thumb, and stroke upon the pad, not that I’d ever. I am too gentle to willingly destroy beauty, and far too busy to spend time in ruin.

I am kind, showing my love for all that is created, it is too beautiful to leave unadmired. And leave unfinished. Everything could always look better, a new coat, something to make it shine.

These worlds should be fun, no use making something bland, having it looked over, and passed aside. It is my gift of wings that gives flight to the art. It is my pen that makes their thoughts loud, and their emotions pure. It is my brush that flushes their faces full, and sparkle their eyes genuine and happy.

It is the heart and soul of the poet. It is the right of the artist.

Judge me by my worlds, and title me accordingly.

But I will share my worlds regardless. Beauty is everywhere.

And anything is beautiful to someone…

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