Character 2 – Rodrigo the Were-Chupacabra

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Supernatural romance seems to be all the rage these days, especially with  teenagers (or teenagers at heart) who either love sparkly vampires or slutty vampires or slutty Anna Paquin.  For me, this is good news because this means an opportunistic vulture like me can try to cash in on the craze because I love money.  I love money.

Rodrigo is a dreamy, sexy Latin lover man who works as a farm hand in the hot, sweaty swamps of Florida.  In said swamps while working hard on the farm, he often takes his shirt off, baring his glistening muscles in the sun for any and all to see.  Did I mention he was sexy?  He’s sexy.  Ladies.  Rodrigo, however, harbors a terrible secret…by the light of the moon, he turns from a large, beefy man with rippling abs and flowing waves of hair to a hideous creature!  Half man!  Half CHUPACABRA! (goat-sucker for uninitiated).  Did I say he was hideous?  I lied.  He just grows a couple of silly ears, his eyes go black, and he gets fangs.  He’s otherwise just as hot and foxy. Ladies.

[Side note: Google image search isn’t all that helpful when finding a Chupacabra for reference.  These things can look like anything from a fangy tarsiers to a bug thing.  So, he’s a half-chupacabra.  Just go with it!]

Anyway, being a farm hand around livestock all day is tremendous temptation for Rodrigo, a poor, Latin immigrant who sweats shirtlessly through the day.  Did I mention he was sexy?  Things become more complicated when a young goat-herding woman on the farm (or man, depending on what you people are into) finds herself falling for Rodrigo and his sweaty, Latin sexiness.

Golden ideas, people.  I take Paypal, and Square payments.

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