Character No. 3 – Ezekiel Washington

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Name: Ezekiel “Big Easy” Washington


Age: 28

Ethnicity: African American

Occupation: Leader of the Crimson Avenue Kings Street Gang/ Vampire Clan

Short Background:
Born on the harsh streets of Simpson Avenue, Ezekiel learned early on that ambition was important for his survival. Fortunately, he had enough ambition to not only survive the streets of a neighborhood known as Crimson Avenue, he thrived in it. By the time he was 20, Ezekiel practically ruled the neighborhood. He had his hands in the drug trade, guns, and anything else he could get his hands on. It was only a matter of time before his ambition got the better of him.

In an effort to expand his fledgling empire, Ezekiel attempted to do business with members of the Romanian Mafia. Unfortunately, the price of doing business was his loyalty. That and his blood. The members are revealed to be vampires and turn Ezekiel. A normal man would have simply condeded and gotten used to life as a servant. Ezekiel was not a normal man.

In the following years, Ezekiel was able to amass a large army completely loyal to him and completely wipe out his would-be masters. With nothing stopping him, Ezekiel has set his sights on ruling the neighborhood with an iron fist. But that is only the beginning.

Concept: Nino Brown meets Dracula.

Ezekiel is a vicious man and ruthless, but he likes to pretend that he is a businessman. He wears a lot of suits, either red or black (the colors of his gang). His skin is more of a dark gray than brown. He is very extravagant and wears a lot of rings (which he will use as a weapon). He isn’t very large, but can be imposing. Definitely not someone to toy with.

He is almost always flanked by members of his gang, but is extremely dangerous on his own. People tend to forget that even before being turned, he was a monster in his own right.

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