Day #2 – Warrior Monk

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

It’s still day 2 in my timezone. 😉

We studied a bit about the Shaolin warrior monks in my Social Cultural Expression class recently and I found their way of life really fascinating. So I wanted to make a character inspired by them…a young man (I’ve christened him Jan) who discovers a group of warrior monks in a remote place, and longs to join them and bring meaning to his life.

This story doesn’t take place in the world that we know, but perhaps a parallel China, or another place entirely.

Jan is not actually in the ranks of the warrior monks because he got rejected (he was too old when he first asked to join, unfortunately) so he made his own garb, watches them practice from a distance, and tries his best to teach himself their ways in hopes that he will one day impress them so much that they’ll have to accept him!!!1

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