Day 3 – Hayden Deshay

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The next few posts of mine will be characters from one of my pet stories. I already have designs for the two main characters but only names for the others.

Hayden is the older sister of Camden, a brilliant alchemist and part-time historian. She behaves more like a mother figure as both of their parents have jobs that keep them away from home most of the time. She teaches fencing at a small school near her family’s estate. Their family isn’t wealthy,  but they were given a large house with an underground laboratory because the ruling party has their eye on Camden and his research and wanted him to nurture his intellect so he would join their ranks as an adult. Camden was a precocious child who created amazing things by combining magic and science even as everyone else was just getting a hold on their magic skills.

She’s always worrying about Camden and wishes he would stop spending so much time in his lab, believing teenagers should be more active, but ultimately she leaves him alone. Deep down she’s really proud of him.

Hayden herself admits to being something of a hopeless romantic, especially when compared to Camden’s technical mind.



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  1. Eadge says:

    Great sketch. You should make it bigger in the post. Very cool.

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