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Day 2 Manatee

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Kyle Momoa was champion high school swimmer who was on the verge of olympic greatness. This all changed when a rival athlete had his lower back injured. Unable to work out like he used to, Momoa gained massive weight. He became bitter with all people, finding a kindred spirit with the Sea Cows, who he began to resemble.

Momoa was offered revolutionary that put him back in the water. He named himself after his beloved Manatees and now seeks to bring the people who hurt both of them to justice.

#3 – Sandy Ground

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Cassandra Beatrice “Sandy” Ground is the oldest daughter of a scientist and a former traveller.  The life that she had spent with her parents and her younger sister was very normal.  She and her sister would spent their time together watching TV and skateboarding.  Her father would sometimes create weapons designed primarily for the military for their fights for peace, while her mother would sometimes spend her time helping with the inventions.  One day, Sandy’s father promised to give her one of his inventions whenever he got the chance.


When Sandy turned 18, she stumbled upon his lab to find out that a wicked warrior had been trying to get his hands on her father’s technology.  He tried to ask the scientist to hand over the weapons for him and his army.  He refused, and was subsequently knocked unconscious, being unable to do anything as the mad man takes his weapons.  Fearing that the man will use his technology for evil,  Sandy’s father is left with little choice but to take her to a close friend of his, who would then give her the training she needs to become a commando.  She did manage to track down her father’s attacker, and brought him to justice.


Sandy, now 25, is a commando for hire, taking on the jobs to pursue dangerous criminals, mad scientists (and their insane inventions), and other threats that may be too dangerous for the average crime fighter.  While she keeps quiet as much as possible, she is a very sociable person, but she is not a loud mouth like one would suggest.  She carries around a laser rifle that her father created.

#3 A Lost One

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Lost Ones are the insane, cannibalistic remnants of…actually, more on that later in the month. All you really need to know for now is that they spend their short lives serving their master and creator — when they’re not trying to maim and eat one another that is. In short, it’s best to avoid them.

(Artist’s Note: Heavily inspired by Tank Girl and Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett, as well as my first time using Paint SAI. I quite enjoy both)

#3 Margh

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My third character for my comic, Margh. Margh is the imp which steals Agnes away into the forest, and ultimately into the realm of monsters and fae. I tried to produce my own take on what an imp should look like. He has horns, red skin, beady little eyes, but he has backwards skinny legs. He runs in quite a clumsy way, as one can imagine. Unfortunately, his existence in my comic is short-lived, as he is quickly killed by Ailís. But I think I will continue to draw him, he is just so…fun.

Also I guess I should start thinking of a name for this comic. For now, it is “The Comic Which Is Playing Around in My Head”.

Day 3: Stevie Makowski

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Stevie Makowski

Stevie Makowski is a 19 year old girl. She knows weapons and has taken up jobs in place of her uncle who has disappeared unexpectedly. As an assassin she never meets his clients and therefore is able to do his work without complications. She one day hopes to learn to play guitar but til then she just scats her awesome solos.

#1 Lilly Jones

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#3- Tom, The Athletic Severed Head!

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3 Time Olympic winner: Tom, The Athletic Severed Head!

#3 – Zeta

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This is Zeta! She’s an alien lady from a planet full of other types of species of aliens!   The planet has a bunch of different areas for the aliens because they’re all different and need adequate living places obviously.

Anyways, she’s a water-type kind of species, so she can breathe underwater and all that jazz!  I actually left a few of details out of her design by accident here, but it’s nothing too big. (I just think it makes her look…plain oops.)

(Also, Zeta is just a nickname for now!!! I’m terrible at names oops!!)

#3 Thunderfoot Clan Member

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The Thunderfoot clan is a group of never aging humanoids who roam the forest paths. They wear what a appear to be masks with rabbit ears on them in varying lengths. No one is sure who they really are or what their intentions are as they never seem to take a side in a conflict. Perhaps they are just looking out for number one.

(I’ll have to fix the image later.)



Day 2: Beda Foster

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Name: Beda Foster

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 134lbs

Species: Human

Bio:  Beda was born to a family that owns a mechanic shop in a small town in the middle of the desert.  Her mother died during childbirth and her father died when she was ten, so she now lives with her grandfather and is currently his apprentice.  She’s considerably strong for a woman her age and surprisingly motherly, especially towards two children her grandfather brought to the shop a long time ago.


(Ack!  I’ve fallen behind!  Now I get to play catch-up when I’m not super busy!  Also, this picture will also be put up on my Tumblr, here:  And at the end of the month in a compilation of all the characters created this month on my dA, here:

# 3 The Gracious Lady

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The Gracious Lady is neither gracious or a lady. Not in the strict sense of the word, and is barely one in the loosest. No, her name is a title and a poor one at that. It is what others call her in hopes of her getting the hint.

That has yet to occur.

The Gracious Lady was once called the Monster of Towers until the Great War came. As far as the individual battles went, it was a fairly standard war, but it was long and costly. So much so that eventually people turned to her to end the war. Well, the Imperator turned to her to end the war by any means necessary, and that was enough to set her loose upon the world.

(It was not, in fact, she herself who ended the War but her Conduit. But she powers it, controls it, and is the reason it exists at all, so she can call you out on that technicality.)

(It is also for the same role in ending the War that some call the Gracious Lady by another name: Saros, Destroyer of All. She likes this name much more, to be honest.)

Now, nothing can be done without payment, nothing can happen without cost. The careful, delicate balance of giving and receiving must be maintained at all costs. The price for ending the War held a steep price indeed, one to be born by all who benefited most by its end. So that meant the entire land would bear the burden of payment and not just the royals. There wasn’t much rejoicing about that. What was this price, though?

A Consort for the Towers.

At first the people assumed that the Consort had to be a boy, handsome and young, most preferably the youngest son of many, because stories love people like that and what better way to defeat a monster than with a story. Then, during the time of the Fifth Son and the one hundredth anniversary since the end of the war – when all tales surrounding it had started to pass into myth and legend – the aforementioned Fifth Son, a boy beautiful in body (because once again, stories favoured the beautiful), was sent home with his handsome head impaled on a spike and a message on his lips. One of the Gracious Lady’s favourite things is to use the dead as her messengers.

“Try again,” spoke dead, bloodied lips, and then a new tradition was born: A Consort would be sent, and if he was unacceptable, the Gracious Lady would return him. In pieces.

Again and again, son after son would return home to the funerary pyres. Whatever it was the Gracious Lady was looking for in a Consort was never clear, what role they were to fill a mystery. Some theorized that she was looking for a Lover Reborn. Some thought she was cursed, searching endlessly for one who could break it. Most believed she discarded the boys when they ceased to amuse her.

Centuries after the end of the war, Nations should have moved on but couldn’t. Seven shining, pearly white spires pierce the heavens. In these towers, through a door which is never seen, young boys enter alive and leave dead, the words of the Gracious Lady, who had turned earth into fire and blood into poison and flesh into dust, upon their lips:

“Try again.”

Character #3: Huntress

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MASTERWHALE's huntress

Alright. Day 3. If you’ve liked any of my posts, check out my website: Everyone’s doing a great job, keep up the good work.

#3 – mountainous trolls

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Mountainous trolls range from being several hundred feet tall, up to a mile in height. Most lie dormant and whole villages populate them without knowing, until the day they awaken and stretch … which usually wipes out the people living on them. These are 2 smaller ones that are several decades old judging by the tree growth, which is common among mountainous trolls. Most are friendly enough as long as you leave them alone. Others are angry and bitter and destroy everything they see.

Day 3: Agent Cho

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Harry Cho is a brand new to the FBI. Harry is full of energy, lighthearted, a bit slow, but he always means well. He will have the misfortune of being assigned to the hack/slash killings in Arizona along with Jake Essex, and how will the light-hearted Harry  react to the grisly murders from Blue Creek, Arizona.

Inspirations are shown in photo

Day #3: Skera

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A hobby that got out of hand.

A pastime taken too seriously.

Character 3 – Ren Razorblade

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Following up on the storyline of Atlanton (working title), the oceanic hero who stumbles upon 7500 kilos of cocaine in the ocean, this is Ren Razorblade.

Ren is a member of the hacker organization “Have a Nice Day” who has recently declared war on the drug cartel responsible for losing the 7500 kilos of cocaine in the ocean. Elliot, the story protagonist, implores the organization for help, as the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Ren agrees to work with him after he shows her his super suit.

Ren herself is a no-nonsense punk with little faith in the system and maybe a little too much faith in her own abilities. Where Elliot is absolutely terrified of his situation, Ren fears nothing. However, when dealing with enemies as dangerous as she does, a little fear can keep you alive.

The Droogle, A Live SynthPet ©BioSynth, from my novel “Mentor”

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2011 Day 03 SynthPet --Droodle


The Droogle, Designer DNA SynthPet from “Mentor” my novel WIP.

This SynthPet, Droogle,  ©BioSynth Corporation, was designed by Frabgo A’tal Rethgrad as a promotional gift for the wife of the Governor of the Lakes District of T’rest, Deira A’tan Re’kalanth del Re’sjahlak.  Deira found the whole concept of designer pets and humans for the marketplace sickening and abhorrent, but the political gambit on the part of the BioSynth Marketing paid off for them in spades.
The pet was hairless, brightly coloured, and was grown from DNA from a surprising number of indigenous species, as you can probably tell by looking at it’s flat snout, leathery ears, and claws. It was also tweaked to be playful, obedient, and docile in the presence of humans. It had no teeth and could only take liquid nourishment due to it’s tight chitinous neck rings. To Deira A’tan Re’kalanth it was the embodiment of an abomination, a parody of a living creature, an yet it was a living creature harmless and deserving of food, shelter and love, like any other living creature.

In her position, politically she could not refuse the pet since it was already alive. On the one hand, she could not condone a practise she found painfully abhorrent and that she had secretly been trying to undermine. On the other, she couldn’t bear to have a living thing destroyed, and she knew that the media (fueled by BioSynth tainted coin) would forever hold her up as a champion of the SynthPet market. It wasn’t the pets themselves that she hated. To her, they were the victims, like all the designer dna creatures BioSynth leased in public and in private.

Her strong views on Designer DNA SynthPets were known to the media and therefore the general public who held her in great respect. This of course kept the sales of the Synth pets lower than estimated, hence the design of a gift Deira couldn’t refuse. If she refused it the pet would be returned to the BioMass vats, effectively killing it, to Deira’s way of thinking. She grew to love the little Droodle as it was named on the certificate of ownership (which was actually a lease) at the same time as she grew to hate it’s creators.

When the Droodle began to show signs of biogenetic deterioration, patchy skin colour, fading, jaundice around the eyes and mouth,  she swore vengeance on those who had created a living being into a life of pain and torture. She finally formed the Society for the Abolishment of SynthPet Creation. Her husband the Governor, backed her up, risking losing everything. And just as the tension grew to a head, she contracted a rare new disease and died within days.

Upon the death of the owner, a SynthPet who was not passed on as heirloom to another member of the diseased family, was collected by BioSynth, and if healthy was re-sold. If found to be unhealthy was returned to the vats.

When Synth Corp arrived to pick up the Droodle, it could not be found. It’s disappearance was hushed up and the consequences of irresponsibility were once again cast aside by BioSnth Corp –for a time.

#2 Major Mason

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In  1966 Major Matt Mason was the Mattel organizations “First man in space!” .  He was a shining example of American pride and ingenuity.  Whilst exploring the vast unknown the Majors ship was  bombarded with “Gamma Light”, all communications were lost.  Now the Nation sits in suspense wondering when they’ll hear from the Major again…

This is a re-visit to a character I made for last years challenge, but i’m doing it in 2 parts. Tonight I hope to have part two of this finished so I can be  caught up with the rest of ya’ll .

Day 3: Raul Dysernio

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Character #3, Raul Dysernio! I forgot what name I had for him originally, so he’s Raul. He is the older brother of Flora Dysernio, so he’s also a cat. This drawing isn’t to scale to the Flora drawing, so he’s not that short. He’s taller than Flora, actually.

Raul gets in fights often, which is why one sleeve is torn off along with one pant leg. He has a messenger’s bag slung over his shoulder to hold various things. He’s the kind of guy that will collect various bits and pieces of scrap metal and what-not.

Being half cat, he also has long nails, cat ears and cat eyes.

#3 | Thelma Hopkins

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Thelma Hopkins


Day 3 – Mister Clean

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WHOOP More pictures without elaboration. I’d explain him but there is actually way to much to do so!
















#3 Prue Lane aka Dinogirl

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Prue Lane aka Dinogirl, she may be cute and approachable…but she will rip your face off if she doesn’t get daily dose of caffeine.

#3 – FjordOak the Restless

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FjordOak had relished his freedom as a Walker, but the end drew near.  Once his life bud bloomed, his inner light would fade and he would be bound to the soil once again, to stand guard as a silent sentinal of the Ringwood until the end of days.


Shane S



#3 F.

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Felicia , aka “F” is bad to the bone. Not only is her goal in life to achieve an ‘F’ in all her grade 7 classes, but also to beat the record for the most F-bombs dropped in a day.  She is every parents worse nightmare- tell her to do chores and you’ll get her favorite response to “f – off” . Whatever you do, just don’t tell her shes cute. Shes everything but.

#3 Hope

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Living in a land where oppressors dominate and enslave the lower class, Hope is a girl trapped in her city by the bracelet she wears around her neck. Should she step outside of the city boundary, her fate is sealed. At a young age, she and her older brother, Zack, were separated from their mother and was taken in by their current master. Life with him and his family isn’t terrible, but Hope and Zack know that they shouldn’t have to live that way. Despite how their future looks, Hope is optimistic about escaping and finally becoming free.

While drawing this, I noticed that a lot of the time I draw really small, especially on Photoshop :/ So I drew this bigger than usual and this was the result. I have to try harder, I’m still not satisfied ):

#3 Blitz

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Say hello to Agent Blitz of the Animal Elite and right hand man of Agent Acorn. This Speedster is a cross between The Flash and Johnny Storm. He’s overly confident at times to a fault but extremely charming. He’s like a bad ass version of Bugs Bunny. I know that sounds stupid because we all know that Bugs Bunny is a bad ass. Haha.


#3 The Shaman and attendants

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The Shaman is the link between the ancient invisible networks and the struggling posthuman tribe. Most of the tribe’s resources are used to maintain the shaman’s sophisticated, and fragile equipment. Composed of a converted television (on the shaman’s head, facing him), aerials, several desktop computers slaved to a master control, and a wide collection of accessory and input units, the shaman’s “suit” provides an imperfect, but immensely useful wireless interface system and internet uplink. It is the tribe’s main means of navigation, information gathering, analysis, as well as a primary defensive asset.

A shaman usually spends so much of his/her time in the suit that a nutrient feed is almost always used. When the tribe is stationary, and when resources can be spared, shamans typically spend days sifting through massive amounts of data, trying to reconstruct a knowledge of the ancients’ time, and to rediscover submerged buildings, cities and vehicles where salvage may be found.


I feel that I may not have invested enough time into this piece. Nonetheless I am very enthused by this story, and will probably make it into a comic. I will probably do one or two more characters around this idea, and then move on to other things.

#3 Keeper of the eternal peace

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Day three!

Maybe you recognize him, this is the true form of Ankour, who I have uploaded yesterday. Ankour is an young inhabitant of the netherworld and is supposed to take the place of Charon someday. But he still has to grow into this position (that’s the reason why his robe is too large for him. On the day it fits him he will become the new ferryman of the death). But until this day it is his duty to watch over death peoples resting and to take care that nobody and nothing disturbs it. Because he is very talented in calming people down he also confinces restless souls to follow him and leads them to the netherworld.

When Anlour started at his job he was very easily scared and needed a lot of devotion. He is still a bit scared about darkness but he has learnd how important it is to appear confident to the souls of death people and he also wants his older colleagues to be proud of him. They always keep an eye on him.

One day he was asked by Charon to take care for a certain person, who was still alive.  So Ankour created the identity of Ankour Stjarnason, the older brother of Elin, whose parents had died and left her all alone.  Surprisingly he had to realise, that another inhabitant of the netherworl has allready startde to watch over Elin…


The name Ankour is based on “Ankou”, a personifcation of death and known as  “grave yard watcher” and “henchman of death” in breton and french mythology. Every graveyard is supossed to be guarded by one Ankou, whose duty ist to lead souls to the gates of the netherworld and to protect the peace at a graveyard. Some people say thats the reason for feeling uneasy at graveyards.

Because Ankous are often described as wearing a large black hat I decided to give a black hood to Ankour


Edit 6.11: I replaced the outlines with the colored version

# 3- Nut Shot

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The villian to Can Boy he will stop at nothing at trying to put down the Can Boy at any means. With a steel  hand and a pole with a boxing glove mounted on it.

#3 Thoughtful Kitty

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#3 Thoughtful Kitty — Finally, I figured out how to upload these posts properly. I almost gave up on trying to do this challenge. As for Kitty, she was a character I was going to use if I ran short of time on one of these posts ( I drew up this picture last summer). I didn’t know I was going to use her this soon though.

Kitty was created from the descriptions in a name generator. There are a few out there that can come up with some interesting characters. An.d from the brief and generalized description, my imagination created an interesting art design. Enjoy

#3 Paul and Lee Cephalic

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Lee had put on a brave face  under the circumstances for all of his unfortunate life. However, when the condition which triggered his brothers third eye to open, then raised a fifth and sixth only triggered in him an epic case of acne, for the first time in his life Lee simply… Withdrew.  A moment of weakness that would prove to be tragic for so many.