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#4 Velocity

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A up-and-coming superhero in a city and known as Velocity she had superspeed and the ability to channel electricity. Her only problem is that she’s not sure if the whole “hero thing” is for her. Doesn’t pay and the hours are insane. Maybe a villainy would be abetter choice…

#4 Aunt Teak

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Aunt Teak has sure gotten old. She’s had 2 By-pass surgeries, a hip replacement, and two new
knees. She’s fought both  arthritis, and diabetes.  She’s  half blind, can’t hear
anything quieter than a jet engine, takes 40 different medications that make
her dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. She has dementia,
poor circulation, and can hardly feel her hands and feet anymore. She can’t remember if
she’s 85 or 92 and all her friends are dead…….But thank God, she still has her driver’s license!


Aunt Teak is so old, she remembers when rainbows were black and white.
She’s so old, she sat next to Jesus in school.
She’s so old, the candles cost more than her birthday cake.

The nice thing about being senile is she can hide her own Easter eggs.
She is alive, but only in the sense that she can’t be legally buried

#4 – Victor

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Victor, who used to be kind of a troublemaker, is a nomadic warrior who often gets himself into a lot of bizarre situations.


#4 – Protagonist

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I decided to keep playing with my previous idea for creating my next character. This is the calm and cool-headed protagonist of a story about a futuristic world where an alien disease is slowly spreading among the population, and she is trying to find the beast that causes it so that she can obtain biological samples for the government to use and make a cure from. Her older brother (see my previous post) was the first victim, so the mission is as important to her as it is to everyone else with loved ones suffering from it.

She is naturally gifted in the maths and sciences and very good at sports and hand-to-hand combat. She used her talent to become a military physician at a surprisingly young age. Her successes in life have caused her brother to be extremely jealous of her, especially now that he is in his current condition and the fact that she’s immune to the alien like their parents.

#4 Lady Camille Marae

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Day 4, Ryl

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#4 Vienna

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Picture from

I’m finally caught up. Lad and Vienna are the first two characters that exist in the same universe, and will probably be the only ones. I’d just like to warn that Vienna’s character is a little silly, at least when it comes to her powers.

Character Summary: A young superheroine who wants nothing more than to be normal. After being the subject of a mad science experiment, she found herself with incredible superpowers—as well as a new arch-enemy.

Full Name: Vienna Marie Martinez

Age: 25

Birth Date: May 12th, 1986

Birthplace: Fairpalm, Arizona, USA

Current Residence: Sentinel City, USA

Occupation: Shoe Saleswoman at Pretty in Pumps


  • Nestor Martinez (Father)
  • Sofia Martinez (Mother)
  • Kia Martinez (Younger Sister)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Race/Nationality: American

Other: She has extraordinarily curly hair that’s at times unmanageable. Alongside that on her list of unmanageable things is her “meltdown” cycle: every now and then, she’ll begin to melt, just the same as a popsicle would on a hot day. This her body’s way of reacting to the chemicals used in the experiment.

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Day Four – Mary

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I love how I keep swapping between traditional and digital. Haha.

Any who, this is Mary, a lone ghost girl that helps wandering spirits find their piece and cross over.

#04 Vera David

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A fashionable and progressive young woman who has ended up as a secretary for a successful business. She finds herself growing quite attached to her boss, and eventually falls into a relationship with her. She has a group of close friends who are all a little strange and non-mainstream. Her horns come from a little bit of subterranean dinosaur-person blood in her lineage.




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Descripton to come later.Orcish warrior

#4 Whisper

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#4 Whisper


Whisper dreamed of being left alone.  She knew many people said as much themselves, but she also knew that mostly they were exaggerating.  Most people really had an inner need for some sort of communication, some sort of connection to be made with another soul.

For herself, she was tired of it.  It wasn’t that she didn’t crave company.  It was just that no one could just be company around her.  It wasn’t any fault of theirs.  It wasn’t even her fault.  She could lay the blame at one soul’s feet, and she’d already killed him.  Strangled him with his damned stethoscope.  Now she just wanted to be alone.

Except, of course, for the fact that she couldn’t exactly survive on her own.  The bastard that had enhanced certain features, like her pheromonal output, hadn’t seen fit to enhance her in any way that helped with wilderness survival.  Sure she was stronger.  She could keep going and going just like that little pink bunny, without the need for rest, stop, sleep or food.  Her endurance as off the charts but she guessed that good ‘ol doc frankenfurter had had other uses for that in mind, because she couldn’t see it doing more than expanding her life expectancy by a few days out in the wild blue yonder.

She was supposed to have been the perfect honey-trap.  She was supposed to have been irresistible with little to no effort on her part.  She was supposed to be capable of “rendering” her targets incapable of defending themselves.  The doc had high ambitions.  Except the doc got careless with her.  He’d thought her properly “trained.”  He’d thought that his mind games had broken her.  He’d basically totally underestimated her.  And it was Whisper’s personal goal in life to enlighten those who underestimated her.

At least she’d like to think it was.  She didn’t actually know much of anything about herself anymore.  Sure, she had specific personality traits, likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turnoffs, but she had no idea why she had them.  She couldn’t remember much of anything from before the “procedures.”  It wasn’t like she couldn’t remember anything at all, it was more like all of her memories had lost specificity.  She had no names, no faces to pin on to vague watercolor images of moments from before.

Not that she was sure she really wanted to try to go back there.  She wasn’t that… whoever she had been.  And there was no possibility for a warm family reunion, what with her dad most likely popping a boner as soon as he got within smelling distance of her.  She shuddered just thinking about it.  She’d already had one too many moments with good-hearted men mortified at their bodies’ uncontrollable reactions towards her.  She could picture exactly what dear old dad’s trauma would look like.

Hence the wanting to be alone.  But since she had not the skills, she guessed she’d stick around the city, keeping to herself and cleaning empty office buildings at three o’clock in the morning for a living.  She would remind herself of what her mom had always said, that it beat sucking dick on a street corner.  In truth, she had no idea what kinds of things her mom actually said, and it didn’t seem like a wholesome mom would say such things, but she liked to pretend her mom was some kind of badass shoot-from-the-hip mom.

Whisper kept to her routine, and sank into the closest to normal she could pretend to be.  But she could feel something in her bones.  Like someone was watching her, or something was about to happen.  She couldn’t say why, but she kept looking for the high vantage points, expecting at some point to see the glint of a scope aimed in her direction.  And why the hell she thought she knew what that looked like, she had no idea.

#4 Tortoise and Hare

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Tortoise, a reptile who can think fast and act even faster, and Hare, a heavy hitter who’s just a few carrots short of a full cake. Just a couple of thugs, trying to make their way in their crazy doggie dog world.

#4 Cave Dwellers

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These luminescent, translucent creatures live inside the dark recesses of caves. They eat small bugs and insects, and are about the size of a hamster. There is not much know about them, because they are very cautious, but aggressive when handled. They are a dying species.

Harridan Back-Biter

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Hunter of the Love Dragon

Slew the Love Dragon


Harridan set out at an early age to get the biggest prize trophy in the veldt, the Love Dragon’s brightly shimmering epidermis.

“The world’s just too damned pessimistic and jaded to allow a majestic creature like that to just, you know, suffer so badly!  Plus it’s, like, one of the last few in existence, so it was sort of a race.”

Fifteen years of searching the internet to find the most likely rumors to follow in the search for just a chance to see the rare, elusive beast, and finally, success!  There were two million dollars invested in lawyers, medicinal depression alleviation and room service in the finest lofts in the outer metropolises in the course of the process.

“Now, we can market it as a new cosmetic and I get a trophy.  I just want to be one with it, if I were in Portland still I’d just have to open it up and crawl on in there!”  Harridan added with a giggle.

#4 Immolette

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“Fire, fire, burning bright: won’t you play with me tonight?”

Immolette doesn’t mean to burn things right to the ground. It’s just that the flames are ever so beautiful, and when sparks leap from her fingers warm, fuzzy feelings abound.

When she’s bored, bored, bored, if she’s angry or overjoyed, her mind sets things ablaze. She’s not malicious in her ways.

But can she help it that the world entire looks so much better when it’s on fire?


#4 octoZOMpie

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Always coming up with crazy stupid things … the people at the zombie lab merged a octopus and a zombie. Why? Why the hell not! There really is no point to this merger but it looked great on paper.


Now we can’t find him … 

#3 Lad

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Character Summary: The orphaned son of the infamous super villain, Apex Deluder. Although he’s being raised by his Father’s arch-enemy, Hyperion (also known as Russell Land, billionaire extraordinaire), it seems as though Lad is destined to follow in his Father’s footsteps.

Full Name: Lad Alistair Land

Birth Date: December 24th, 2002

Birthplace: Dead Man’s Land, Sentinel City, USA

Current Residence: Land Manor, Sentinel City, USA

Occupation: Student


  • Lonnie Bartlioni (Biological Father; AKA Apex Deluder)
  • Miriam Temple (Biological Mother; AKA Miss Act, Supervillainess)
  • Russell Land (Adopted Father)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Race/Nationality: American

Other: Nothing, really—he’s perfectly average in terms of physical appearance.

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Day 4: Toilet paper fairy

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My kids seem to think this fairy must surely exist as the toilet paper rolls are mysteriously refilled when empty and it is not by them. (mwahahahha)



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In 1933, a strange meteorite crash landed to earth.  When scientists and experts arrived and investigated the scene they found that the meterorite was actually some sort of probe from another world, that contained alien DNA, and artifacts, some could not be deciphered.  A top secret think tank was formed to investigate the probe and its contents.  One arm of that organization was called PROJECT OLYMPUS.  There task was to see if the genetic material could be harnessed and somehow used to create some form of enhanced human being.  100 persons were selected based on preliminary research, that found that those of certain markers may be receptive to the formula they had developed.  Of the 100 persons tested, all but one died in the process.  The one survivor, Derek McClean, emerged with almost godlike abilities.  He was dubed MIRACLE by the military, and was revealed to the public in 1935.  He, over time banded together with other heroes of the era to form THE ALLIANCE, and eventually became there defacto leader in 1946.  In 1953 the groups roster at the time disapeared on a deep space mission, and did not remerge until 2001… Now Miracle has filled a role as the super-hero communities elder statesman, and almost patron saint. A role he does not take lightly…

#3 Kira

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Kira is an highschool drop-out artist. She lives by herself in a small apartment in the city, making little money. Very eccentric, she has rituals and peculiar quirks (such as her facination with the number 14) that tend to drive people away from her, in addition to her constantly changing moods. She paints for a living, and has a cat. Although usually a good friend, she has problems with staying in touch and loyalty. She doesn’t care much for appearance, and has a bad habit of just walking around in pajamas.

Day 4: Thoreau

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Here’s my character #4, Thoreau. No last name, he’s pretty much like a chess piece. He’s half breed of a species I conjured up, called the Xos. They’re pretty much a demonic species. For reasons, he was ordered to become my character Pichi Rockafeller’s butler, but she found a way to avoid him for the longest time.

All Xos members have red eyes as their own mark. Thoreau is self-conscious about his species, so he wore yellow contacts until he lost one, so he wears a mask with a belt thing tied around it over one eye. His other species is mouse, so he’s actually under heighted. He’s tall, but he appears as if he was shrunken down to size. Thoreau also has bucked teeth that he’s self conscious about. He’s prim and proper, which is why he’s a butler. He’s not special to Pichi in any way, he’s more of a universal butler. For this reason one can see how Pichi might be able to lose him easily.

#4 – The Dream Mother

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#4 – The Dream Mother

The Dream Mother rules over all of the Dreamsphere. She is the one who is able to turn human dreams into energy for people to survive.

Kind and gentle, but eerie looking. Her face is like a mask and her facial expression rarely changes. When it does it has to be an extreme emotion such as joy, anger or despair. And when it does change, it changes in an instant, as if some has just swapped out the mask on her face for another.

She gives Sierra, Enki and Jonathan the task of hunting down the Queen of Nightmares (who you will see next hopefully!)


#4 – The Mermaid

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Once she was a cute swimmer—in undeath, she became a local legend referred to as ‘The Mermaid.’

She usually hides under docks and in deep rocks and drags down unsuspecting swimmers.


I really love themed zombies, thanks to Romero!

#4 – Ceta

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#4 Cletus & the Prez

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One’s a partially inbred hill-person with a constant hankering for Hank Jr. music and armadillo meat, while the other’s the ecto-plasmic reincarnation of our country’s fifth president.  Alone, they are two different men from two different worlds, but together they form: Cletus and the Prez!

Action, Adventure, Romance, Intrigue…Cletus and the Prez have it all!  Join us as Cletus B. Hanover III and the lingering spirit of long deceased United States President James Monroe venture down the old supernatural highway, solving spooky mysteries and stirring up trouble every chance they get!

If you don’t love it, you may be tried in violation of the Government’s very serious sedition policies…So keep your mouths shut you Tory buggers!

#3 – Matilda

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This is Matilda, and her robot suit.

Matilda likes to kick ass and oil engines.

And she’s all out of engines.

Day 1: Ariwn

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Ariwn is an upcoming mate for the next mating season. He specializes in meal making and feathering grooming.  He is part of a species known as Forian. They are lizard like people with features growing from their bodies. At least in the male forian’s case, the females tend to be more bird like then lizard.

Female Forians are the ones who run the tribe. They happen to be bigger and stronger and more liking to be better warriors then the males. The males are smaller and gentler, and don’t even develop full wings like the females. In most families there tends to be 1 head female and as many mates as her borrow can hold or she can provide for. The average is usually 1 female to 3 males. While the females scavenge or go to war with the other tribes the males (sometimes even females who wish to stay back and be a mate instead) tend to the children and the care of their homes.



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November 4

#4 – Venti for Vendetta

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The caffination will not be televised.

 No Gods.  No Kings.  Serve Yourself.

#4 Felt

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A guinea pig named Felt. She likes to play with blocks.

#4-The Prick

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The hero of Verde City, Peter Pelt was part of the high society of the city, who saw what had become of it since his parents time. They have long since passed, peacefully in their sleep but he remains disgusted by it’s crime and devastation. One day though, his uncle had been reported shot and killed in the slums by drug lord Jet Disco. His Uncle, a cop of 20 years, who did nothing but his best to help the city. He had spent a lot of time of time with him growing up, any day his Uncle was off he went to see Peter. Enraged, he set out to end the crime of the city once and for all. He brought in a friend, George Jones, a former marine, and with his skills and Peter’s money, they set out to end crime vigilante style.

He never could think of a proper name for himself though. He was attacking low-level dealers and shutting down meth labs, and all the time he had nothing to say. The bad guys did of course though, frequently he was frequently called “that Prick.” With no inspiration otherwise, and no real way to stop them from saying it, he turned it against them, adding a little horn to the top of his head. A little vulgar yes, but effective.

Yeah, I don’t know why, but I always thought that would be a fun name for a Batman-style vigilante. Wish I had something more original for back story and I did. I am kinda introducing this concept ass-backwards, but it’ll be clear eventually.