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Sorcha Ericson of the Ericson Athelings is captain of a band of mercenary space marines native to the frigid, hostile marine planet Alcor 13. She’s loud, foul-mouthed and violent, but only because she’s had to out-yell, out-curse, and out-fight every man she’s come across on her way up the heavily patriarchal military leadership of the clan. She was promoted to Major when the Ericsons were hired out by the noble house Ataraxia, a matriarchal dynasty who preferred female leaders. She now commands the infantry of the Theta Squadron. Her promotion has been met with no small amount of ire from many of her male peers, regardless of how long-overdue the promotion was.

I know I’m behind a day – I’ll post a double feature tomorrow to catch up.









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  1. Jared Lewis says:

    Awesome. Nothing beats a good space marine!
    I started one myself but went a little too crazy on him & he’s going to take some time to finish properly.

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