03 – Azure Aviator

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… continued from #2, the Gold Gladiator…

… [as a meteor] strikes the ground directly in front of Army Captain Robin Hughes, helicopter pilot for Senator Day and his wife, Hilda.  Captain Hughes is showered in blue crystalline meteoric fragments and thrown into the air by the impact.  Captain Hughes did not come back down.

The force of the blast had embedded the blue crystal shrapnel all over Capt. Hughes’ body through his shredded clothes.  While airborne from the meteoric shock wave the crystals began to glow and resonate with the Captain’s mental desire to live and not crash into the ground.  Captain Hughes stopped moving and remained stationary and safe suspended in midair glowing a faint blue.

Code named the AZURE AVIATOR, Captain Hughes serves as aerial reconnaissance and support for the Secret Soldiers under the command of Senator Day, in the guise of the Gold Gladiator, as the first flying hero!

The Azure Aviator can levitate and fly, propelling him forwards at tremendous speeds, with the aid of the meteor crystals that riddle his body and respond to his mental commands!  With some concentration he can extend his anti-gravity field outward to include a single person and take them with him.

While the meteors that fell that night granted Captain Hughes extraordinary powers, and served as the power source for the Secret Soldiers’ floating headquarters, dubbed the Strato-Sphere, the rest of those gathered for the encounter with the Danaians weren’t so fortunate.  Take for example…

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  1. Another great design! I love it!

  2. Man, those were some well placed flying crystal fragments, they embedded themselves with design aesthetics in mind, i like those ones on his chin especially, heheh~

    Another cool character, his aviator helmet is great, awesome details. Can’t wait to see where you take us next!

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