2 – Ophelia Sinclare

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(All previous characters can be found on my tumblr, http:// maggiedreadful.tumblr.com)


  • Ophelia is an odd duck.  Introverted and quiet, Ophelia has gone through her life mostly unnoticed, probably because those who try to talk to her find that conversing with her is like trying to talk to someone who knows the technicalities of English but has a hard time translating their thoughts into it.  Being unnoticed has made Ophelia a good spy and thief, which has made her very useful to Jack.
  • The only one who really gets Ophelia is Jack, they have telepathy or something.
  • Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, big coat and concealing clothing that dwindles as she gets more confidence later on
  • Family: Mom, Dad, Older Sister – her family doesn’t get her, they’re bourgeoisie


Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Hello Y'all! I'm a current college student, aspiring comic book writer, who totally doesn't understand time management so this will be a whole lot of fun. I've been writing my own comics for a while and have so many ideas. Some characters will be part of the same story, some completely unattached. You can find me at the following places online: webcomic: http://www.pennydreadfulcomics.com tumblr: http://www.maggiedreadful.tumblr.com deviantart: http://www.cassieforgen.deviantart.com

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