3 – Dorthea Young

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  • The resident witch.  She lives in the old mansion on the edge of town by herself.  She’s misanthropic, to be polite about it.  Her connection to Jack and co. and the increasing weirdness of events has lead her to interact with the world more.  She’s not happy about that. 
  • Dorthea and Jack: Dorthea is suspicious of Jack because she knows enough to be.  Jack’s abilities make no sense which worries her, she recognizes that Jack is hiding a lot of secrets.  Her secret is that she actually sort of likes him as company.
  • Appearance: Freckles everywhere!  Short blond hair brushed back, bags under eyes, smokes, wears sports wear (sweatpants tang tops, doesn’t care about appearance), no chest, blue eyes, looks a bit like death warmed over, she has a burn around her wrist that comes from using her illumination spell too much
  • She inherited the mansion, she was a debutant once
  • Family: deceased (or so we assume)
  • Don’t call her Dotty

Category: 2010, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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