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Dr Shamalan

Who you callin' a monkey chump? I'm the prime ape!

Dr Akbar Shamalan was working in the Primate emporium when the Large Hadron Collider exploded. Not only did the result science type things fuse his DNA with one of the research chimps but some tachyons or something sent him back in time to the glorious 1980’s.

Upon arriving with a now-gorilla security guard named Attenborough Shamalan quickly realised that it was no coincidence the two had ended up in 1986. Using all his wile and a trench he got from some bum he beat up, Shamalan started a new life a hardboiled primate detective.  Using his new persona as a excuse to find out who is really behind the Ani-Malfunction.

Shamayan is actually a kindly scholar but has always been fixated on detective novels. His hard guy act often falls through but the fact it’s a chimp thats rinsing you for info and they can rip your arms off means that mre often than not he gets the info he wants.

Shamalan is also an accomplished synthesiser player and occasionally plays in an electro-blues fusion band. As determined as he is to find out who caused the accident at CERN he’s not altogether sure he want to revert to his human self or travel back to the future. Being a chimp is fun. Plus he gets more girls his way.

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