#3+4 Princess Creole and Warrior Tan

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On a distant planet there lives a race of alien shamans, a once peaceful people that have been forced into war by neighboring ruthless aliens. Princess Creole, carrying the reincarnation of their greatest existing spiritual warrior, is the last hope of her race. Along with Creole’s trusted bodyguard Tan, the two must escape their planet and find a safe place to birth their savior before Creole is assassinated by the rival aliens. The most boring, overlooked, insignificant planet in the galaxy? Earth.

(Woo, first slightly-colored submission! I was going to color the armor versions of the two, but I got lazy so it’s all sketchy… I’m hoping I’m right in saying that that crossed+dotted circle means ‘mother earth’?)










Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Scifi, Superhero

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