#4 Addae

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I’m slow and late and now I don’t have time to write out the entire story, so I’ll just tell you who the character is and edit this post with the full story later. Addae is shy, always indecisive and insecure. He is the guy who just nods and agrees with everything everyone says because he doesn’t want to start any arguments (and if he does accidentally start an argument, he can’t apologize often enough for having an opinion). He is also very kind, sensitive and understanding, and often funny in an extremely unintentional way. Also a fire mage. And being a fire mage was kind of a problem back in the days when earth mages were dominating the entire continent and when slave-trade was a very profitable business.

When he was thirteen years old he was captured by slavers and sold to Atash‘s father (then king of one part of the earth mage kingdoms), who gave Addae to his son as a present for his sixteenth birthday (yeah, this is a world where dads give their sons a slave for their birthday, how nice). They ended up befriending each other and grew very, very close. When Atash’s father died seven years later en Addae fully became Atash’s “property”, Atash decided to set him free. Despite being so close to Atash, Addae saw that as his duty to return to his family. But when he got back to the land of the fire mages and was reunited with his family, he realized that he didn’t feel at home among his own family anymore. Though he had missed his family seven years ago, he now missed the place where he spend his teenage years and, more than that, he missed Atash. After spending a few weeks with his family, his homesickness got so bad that he just packed his stuff and walked away one night (without informing his family that he was going back, probably to avoid confrontation. The chicken :U). He eventually found his way back to Atash, who was overjoyed to have him back. A couple of years later the two got married, and Addae received the title of High Prince.

As happy as that part of the story ended, the full story is actually pretty tragic :c I will type out the rest of it tomorrow!


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