#4: Crumley

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Tough to come up with a name for this fellow, as the working name for it was simply “wut”. Because that is what his expression says to me. But anyway, this is Crumley. He spends his days loafing around with his friends and his nights… well, loafing around with his friends except sometimes they play on crappy guitars at seedy bars. He likes to think he knows it all, and honestly most of the time he does. But beneath his judgmental facade is really just a loafer with a heart of gold. Or maybe silver. Okay, it might just be bronze. But hey, you can’t expect him to pay for cigarettes when he could just steal them. And come on, he’s like two months away from being 21, let him have some booze every now and then! And that one fight at that one bar? It was… it was for honor!


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