#4 Didrik Kirdin

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Didrik Kirdin

Age: 38
Place of Origin: Continent of Osniriah, Darmakh region
Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: Never cared
Eye color: dark green

In the region of Darmakh, there is a village with people of green hair called Amassia, descendants of the
forbidden tribe, a tribe with history of skilled and ruthless assassins transcending time. Didrik is an unmatched
swords man from this tribe, that is until he met Zohar. Didrik is calm and calculates every single one of his
moves, strategy is his strength besides the physical one he possesses. He is kind hearted to those in need and
ruthless to those who deserve punishment.. Didrik has been spotted carrying two barrels full of whine at the same time.
He is the biggest muscle from Zohar’s crew, and crossing swords with him means a low chance for survival.
Didrik has been double crossed in the past by his old first mate and best friend, which made his decision to join Zohar’s crew
difficult, but after Zohar helped the people from the village of Amassia from a golem invasion, Didrik trusted
Zohar’s leadership and skill, since has was the only one who crossed swords with Didrik and lives to tell about it.


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  1. artisticatlawson says:

    Great characters and back-stories.

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