#4. Eventide

| November 4, 2011 | 6 Comments

Category: 2011, Superhero

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  1. xom_darren says:

    I realise now that ‘solice’ is spelt ‘solace’. Meh.

  2. Nycteris says:

    I really love those colors!
    Also I’m a big fan of gravity control. Um, in heroes. If that even makes sense. Anyway yay.

  3. NICE. This is one of my favorite designs I’ve seen here so far. He looks like he could be a villain, but he’s one of the good guys instead.

    I would totally put a poster of him up on my wall.

  4. Jande says:

    Wow! Love the pose and the colours. The swirl of the cape… Very cool character!

  5. Zombie chris says:

    I love it, he could be the perfect anti-hero!

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