#4 Mistress of the four-color deck

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Oh crap, how to trump a joker?”  -“Just leave it to me. I’ve been waiting for this!” (Elin and the ace of spades)

Day four and another RPG-Character. This time it’s Elin, the sister of Ankour, as mistress of the four-color deck.  Elin used to be an airily girl, not carring about tomorrow or her future. Everything has changed since a creepy woman has given a misterious pack of cards to her. The young girl became the mistress of the four-color deck, able to summon the people of the cards and to use their special abilitys. Elin was overwhelmed by this new power and responsibilty, so she is very glad that the ace of spades became her mentor. Because there is a lot to learn

Everyone expected the master of the cards to be a man, this is one reason for Elins clothes. At first I wanted to add a lot more details to the croupier outfit, but I had to notice that this would have been an overkill, so I stayed with buttons in card shape and the four-color symbols. I like it


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