#4 Rhaptor

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First sighting: Two years ago.

Alias: T-Road, Tyrannosaurus Bastard

Identity: Secret – Terry Rhodes

Features: Reptilian-human features, including clawed feet and hands. razor-sharp talons, teeth, and claws, prehensile tail

Skills: Stealth speed, camouflage skin, cellular regeneration, night vision

Terry Rhodes’ parents knew their son was always going to be a troublemaker. He constantly got arrested as a teen and did a lot of robberies as an adult. Terry knew his time was going to be up so, but he had no other talents to offer the world, so he did a lot of volunteer work. He needed a real job and wanted to reform, but he kept being lured into the world of crime, and those two worlds clashed when he answered a want ad online for a “research assistant” for a company known as Mallum Inc.

When he got there, he noticed the place was dilapidated and creaking. Water dripped everywhere, and in the middle of the hall stood a tall, husky fellow with a demonic face. The man, calling himself Vox Mallum, told Terry that he could give him whatever he want as long as he stayed loyal to him. Scared, he wanted to run out, but the halls got bigger and he couldn’t reach the door. After running for about 30 minutes, he got tired and relented. The room changed into a palace. Terry was impressed, but he knew that there was something wrong about all of this, and it was.

Mallum gave Terry the abilities to regenerate limbs, becoming fireproof, to blend into the background, to see in total darkness, and more or less be the perfect thief. But in order to do that, he had to transform into a lizard-like man. Terry figured life wasn’t going to give him a fourth chance, and people already saw him as a freak anyway, so, he agreed, becoming Mallum’s number one henchman, Rhaptor, who was a lot smarter and more proficient about crime than his boss, who appreciated his talents. This tandem has made it their mission to make life difficult for the heroes of this new world.

Rhaptor: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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  1. This guy looks like he could almost be a slasher!

    Though I think he’s cool as a thief. Really cool.

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