#4 The Lady Bug

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Here is another one of my new characters. If any one is seeing these, they are all meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I am basically creating them on the fly, even though I have been thinking about the story I am wanting to write with them for about a week before the challenge began. I have only uploaded females so far, but I will get to the males soon. Here is The Lady Bug:

A master of technology, college-aged genius Katie Pillar aimed to win the International Greatest New Invention prize held annually in Switzerland. The winner of this prestigious award is given a large laboratory grant with which to further their research. Whipping up her mechanical magic, Katie went right to work on her newest masterpiece. Designed as a chamber that would allow scientists to compact energy molecules into smaller but equally proportionate ratios to their original dimensions, her D-N-Abler was a smashing success. Within this chamber, matter could be shrunken to one tenth of its original size without losing molecular stability and while holding true to its original proportions. Hailed as the new Einstein of her generation, Katie excitedly accepted the award. However, just as hew lab was nearly completed, disaster struck. The criminal possibilities provided by the D-N-Abler made it the perfect target for several of the most powerful crime magnates from across the globe. During a raid on her lab that was carried out by the Mafia, Katie shrunk herself to hide from the criminals. Scurrying under a teacup for safety, she witnessed a battle unlike any other. While the Mafia began to dismantle her machine, foreign extremists arrived to take it for themselves. The end result was several wounded people a destroyed lab and machine, and Katie stuck in miniature mode. She pulled herself together though, and due to her small size, was able to stay alive on the grilled cheese she left on her table. When news got out of the attack, she was able to alert police of where she was when she wrote “Help Me” on the table with breadcrumbs. Brought into a colleague’s lab she began making a miniature version of the machine, though no longer in the form of a chamber. No longer would she trust this technology to ever leave her side. She instead perfected the invention further and created a D-N-Abler device that fit within a tiny jacket that she herself could wear. Realizing the greater potential of the improved machinery, it was clear that the attack on her lab was a blessing in disguise. She could now use her techno talents and D-N-Abler to fight criminals like the ones who had destroyed her technology. She now uses micro might to make right as the heroine known as the Lady Bug.

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