#4-The Prick

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The hero of Verde City, Peter Pelt was part of the high society of the city, who saw what had become of it since his parents time. They have long since passed, peacefully in their sleep but he remains disgusted by it’s crime and devastation. One day though, his uncle had been reported shot and killed in the slums by drug lord Jet Disco. His Uncle, a cop of 20 years, who did nothing but his best to help the city. He had spent a lot of time of time with him growing up, any day his Uncle was off he went to see Peter. Enraged, he set out to end the crime of the city once and for all. He brought in a friend, George Jones, a former marine, and with his skills and Peter’s money, they set out to end crime vigilante style.

He never could think of a proper name for himself though. He was attacking low-level dealers and shutting down meth labs, and all the time he had nothing to say. The bad guys did of course though, frequently he was frequently called “that Prick.” With no inspiration otherwise, and no real way to stop them from saying it, he turned it against them, adding a little horn to the top of his head. A little vulgar yes, but effective.

Yeah, I don’t know why, but I always thought that would be a fun name for a Batman-style vigilante. Wish I had something more original for back story and I did. I am kinda introducing this concept ass-backwards, but it’ll be clear eventually.



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