#4: The Unsuspecting Anorexic

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Not gonna lie, this one makes me kind of nervous...

Text reads:

“Jolene’s anorexic.

(She doesn’t know why)

She loves food and drink.

(She’s the last to deny)

But she went to the doctor; he’s startled to find

that she’s frail, and pale, and ready to cry.

Jolene’s anorexic, but she doesn’t know why.

It started with days

when she just didn’t eat.

Not hungry, too busy,

too fast on her feet.

She’d get up at six and get out on the street.

Go to work, skip her lunch, then come home and she’s beat.

And these were the first days she just didn’t eat.

Look, you’re losing weight;

it’s good to be thin.

You don’t eat red meat?

Just coffee? You win!

Jolene loved her curves and the shape she was in,

but her friends let her go, let her wasting begin.

They said “You’re losing weight! It’s great being thin!”

We’ll loose all this weight; it’s grand to be thin.”

It started raining today. Rain always bums me out a little.

To be honest, this one creeps me out; the idea of being so busy and caught up doing the things other people tell you to do because it will lead to you being healthy and happy and safe, instead of just being happy and healthy and safe in the first place, that’s what scared me about the future. And I have this conception that people who have a problem don’t know they have a problem for so long, for one reason or another, that it’s scary to look at yourself and see how that problem’s changed you. Jolene is my nightmare.

EDIT: Also, hehe, I should mention that I think I’m gettin’ a little experimental up in here. Mmmm, look at the shape the words make… undulation. deconstructive interference.

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