4-Trigger McQuinch

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

I’ve noticed that most people here are using the 30 characters challenge to create characters that fit into their already existing works. My previous characters have been completely random creations, the result of whatever happened to flow from my pen at the time. For this one, I decided to try working with an existing framework, that of my detective comic Charlie Croc, Private Eye.

Trigger McQuinch is an underworld thug: a bootlegger and enforcer for Boss Mudpoole. He’s not much in the brains department, but he is tough. He can usually be found in one of the more disreputable pool halls in the swamp. His hobbies include shaking down little old ladies for their life savings and macrome.

If you’re interested in more from Charlie Croc’s world, you can read the original comic here.


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