#4 Whisper

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#4 Whisper


Whisper dreamed of being left alone.  She knew many people said as much themselves, but she also knew that mostly they were exaggerating.  Most people really had an inner need for some sort of communication, some sort of connection to be made with another soul.

For herself, she was tired of it.  It wasn’t that she didn’t crave company.  It was just that no one could just be company around her.  It wasn’t any fault of theirs.  It wasn’t even her fault.  She could lay the blame at one soul’s feet, and she’d already killed him.  Strangled him with his damned stethoscope.  Now she just wanted to be alone.

Except, of course, for the fact that she couldn’t exactly survive on her own.  The bastard that had enhanced certain features, like her pheromonal output, hadn’t seen fit to enhance her in any way that helped with wilderness survival.  Sure she was stronger.  She could keep going and going just like that little pink bunny, without the need for rest, stop, sleep or food.  Her endurance as off the charts but she guessed that good ‘ol doc frankenfurter had had other uses for that in mind, because she couldn’t see it doing more than expanding her life expectancy by a few days out in the wild blue yonder.

She was supposed to have been the perfect honey-trap.  She was supposed to have been irresistible with little to no effort on her part.  She was supposed to be capable of “rendering” her targets incapable of defending themselves.  The doc had high ambitions.  Except the doc got careless with her.  He’d thought her properly “trained.”  He’d thought that his mind games had broken her.  He’d basically totally underestimated her.  And it was Whisper’s personal goal in life to enlighten those who underestimated her.

At least she’d like to think it was.  She didn’t actually know much of anything about herself anymore.  Sure, she had specific personality traits, likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turnoffs, but she had no idea why she had them.  She couldn’t remember much of anything from before the “procedures.”  It wasn’t like she couldn’t remember anything at all, it was more like all of her memories had lost specificity.  She had no names, no faces to pin on to vague watercolor images of moments from before.

Not that she was sure she really wanted to try to go back there.  She wasn’t that… whoever she had been.  And there was no possibility for a warm family reunion, what with her dad most likely popping a boner as soon as he got within smelling distance of her.  She shuddered just thinking about it.  She’d already had one too many moments with good-hearted men mortified at their bodies’ uncontrollable reactions towards her.  She could picture exactly what dear old dad’s trauma would look like.

Hence the wanting to be alone.  But since she had not the skills, she guessed she’d stick around the city, keeping to herself and cleaning empty office buildings at three o’clock in the morning for a living.  She would remind herself of what her mom had always said, that it beat sucking dick on a street corner.  In truth, she had no idea what kinds of things her mom actually said, and it didn’t seem like a wholesome mom would say such things, but she liked to pretend her mom was some kind of badass shoot-from-the-hip mom.

Whisper kept to her routine, and sank into the closest to normal she could pretend to be.  But she could feel something in her bones.  Like someone was watching her, or something was about to happen.  She couldn’t say why, but she kept looking for the high vantage points, expecting at some point to see the glint of a scope aimed in her direction.  And why the hell she thought she knew what that looked like, she had no idea.

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