Character #1

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This is the first character I drew for the challenge. I drew this on Tuesday but I didn’t have time to upload anything during the week, so

I’m uploading this and the three others I drew. (Forgive the terrible image quality. Her skin is actually supposed to be pale blue.) The colour scheme of her and the flowers were inspired by my friend’s water bottle. She looks like a fantasy character, huh? She doesn’t actually have a name so I call her… Night-day Flower? Meh.

I took on a motto to follow with this 30 character challenge: Disregard anatomy completely. It’s the only way I can finish quick since I won’t spend too much time adjusting the proportions.

Yeah and I cut out edges and made it into a png image since there are more than one characters drawn on one page and it’s hard to just crop it out as a rectangle since other stuff will still be in the image.

(Strathmore premium recycled sketch pad paper 9″x12″, whit ink, Prismacolor colour pencils and mechanical 0.5 3B.)


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A Trinidadian girl who likes to draw and write stories. I love creating original characters so this will be fun for me. It will also give me a chance to be creative :D Tumblr:

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