Day 3: Wandering Doll

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I saw an RP based off of the Adventure Time universe, someone mentioned a doll kingdom and I thought of her.

She’s got no name that I can think of, tho its probably some over-used doll-name. Anne or Antonia, something she’s long forgotten.
She’s a wanderer though, which explains her raggedy condition.

Once she was brand new and beautiful with fine silk yarn hair and shiny blue button eyes. Her dress was a lovely gingham affair and she even wore delicate lace gloves and patent leather shoes.
But she discovered she had a passion for rough and tumble adventure, not doilies and tea time.
And so she left the doll kingdom in search of excitement.

She returns worn and faded. Her dress, lacy gloves and leather shoes long lost, now clothed in whatever material available, patched up and dirtied. Her once-beautiful silk hair is frayed and tangled, knotted and catches twigs and debris.
Once a finely embroidered mouth graced her face, now undone.
Her lovely blue button eyes gone, replaced with mismatched buttons.
Her leg sports an un-stitched wound, gushing cotton stuffing.

But she returns victorious.

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