Day 4: Kid Quick

| November 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

Or rather, I should say, ex-Kid Quick

In his glorious youth, Danny Doyle was known as KID QUICKSILVER or KidQuick for short.
Known for his lightning fast speed and equally fast healing and thinking abilities, KidQuick was the hero to beat.

And one day, someone finally did.
Though able to save several of his incapacitated friends, Danny was caught in a blast himself.
He survived but forever lost his sight.

Eventually his body healed but his eyes never did. His friends tried to help him as best they could but it seemed nothing could be done.
Even bionic eyes were attempted, but engineered eyes couldn’t match the speed of his body and would burn out in hours.

Time went on and crime didn’t stop just because KidQuick was forced to put on the breaks.
The other superheroes continued their work and eventually Danny faded in memory.

Except, of course, his own.

Now Danny is left to his own devices, still fast as ever, mind whirling in a storm of fury, hatred and depression at being abandoned by the people he saved.
And he aims to do something about it.

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  1. I really like the name, and his expression is very telling. Superspeed is one of my favorite powers, even if he is a villain…

  2. Nice! You don’t see much about superheroes that lose to the odds and this is an interesting take on it.

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