Day 4: Thoreau

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Here’s my character #4, Thoreau. No last name, he’s pretty much like a chess piece. He’s half breed of a species I conjured up, called the Xos. They’re pretty much a demonic species. For reasons, he was ordered to become my character Pichi Rockafeller’s butler, but she found a way to avoid him for the longest time.

All Xos members have red eyes as their own mark. Thoreau is self-conscious about his species, so he wore yellow contacts until he lost one, so he wears a mask with a belt thing tied around it over one eye. His other species is mouse, so he’s actually under heighted. He’s tall, but he appears as if he was shrunken down to size. Thoreau also has bucked teeth that he’s self conscious about. He’s prim and proper, which is why he’s a butler. He’s not special to Pichi in any way, he’s more of a universal butler. For this reason one can see how Pichi might be able to lose him easily.

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