Day Three: Gateway

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Full name: Roy Scarborough
Alias: Gateway
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Allignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’9”
Abilities: Advanced telekinesis, flight (neon green telekinectic beams shoot from hands and feet when used)

Appearance: Short black hair, White suit with hunter green gloves, boots, cape, domino mask, and underwear, yellow belt
Bio: In the year 2100, the company Cyberkinetics, Inc. has perfected their designs for the Brain-Gate Neural Kinetics Chip (BGNKC), a system of computer chips attached to people’s brains and hands/feet that allow for telekinesis in soldiers and the disabled. However, it wasn’t long before the BGNKC was found in the hands of criminals, purchased off the black market. To avoid public disgrace, Cyberkinetics began a program to equip the police with the next generation BGNKC technology to combat these criminals.

The new chips had to be tested before they were handed over to the police force, so Lt. Roy Scarborough was selected as the prototype candidate. The installation was a complete success, but the cost was more than the local government was willing to pay to outfit their entire force with the chips. As a result, Scarborough was the sole recipient of the technology.

However, in his first case after getting his powers, he accidentally killed his assailant by throwing him over 500 yards and into a building. Scarborough was then fired and all records of his affiliation with the police and with Cyberkinetics were locked away.

Grieving the loss of his job, Scarborough vowed to master his new powers and become the city’s protector once again. Shedding his title of Lieutenant Roy Scarborough, he became Gateway, master of telekinesis, hero of Cyberkinetics, Inc!
Notes: Character is based off of Foxborough, Masachusetts based company Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc who is developing The Brain-Gate Neural Interface System (BGNIS), designed to transmit neural impulses that will move objects without the use of hands.

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