G. Brett Williams #3 – Rocket 88

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Rocket 88 (Eddie Pena) is another of the original American Evos that made up Cyclone’s strike team. Eddie was a latino teenager from Southern California whose passions were skateboards and working on engines. Eddie Pena liked to go FAST, which is a good thing since his evolved talents allowed him to move faster than any human alive. Eddie Pena became the fastest man in the world. Having grown up in the vibrant punk rock community of Southern California, Eddie had been exposed to a lot of musical styles throughout his youth. He particularly identified with rockabilly and old rock and roll, any music from the fifties and sixties that celebrated cars and greaser culture. So when it came time for him to choose his codename for the strike force, he chose Rocket 88, a reference to the song by Jackie Brenston about an old hot rod that most people consider to be the first rock and roll song of all time.

Rocket 88 is the resident joker and rebel of the group. The least militaristic by far, he is however reliable and trustworthy, and great when the team needs anything repaired in a flash.

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