G. Brett Williams #4 – Dragon Soldiers

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The Dragon Soldiers were an advanced race of reptilian humanoids that were conquered and subjugated by the Faceless aliens. The Faceless used their superior brains to manipulate the weaker-minded Dragons into acting as their standing army. Their world was decimated and abandoned and the Dragons served for years as the personal slaves and soldiers of the Faceless race until Cyclone and his forces liberated them and turned them against their masters on Earth.

Their are two types of Dragon Soldiers, the larger and brutish type that comprises the majority of the Faceless martial forces and the smaller chameleon-like Dragons who are best suited to intelligence gathering, assassination and subterfuge. While both Dragon races made up the Faceless armies, it was typically the larger that did most of the fighting and the smaller race that handled the Faceless’ more menial tasks.

After their liberation, Cyclone organizes intermixed groups of both Dragon races into psychic-hunting death squads and “advanced peacekeeping groups.”

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