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#5 – Lothario

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Day 5 woo!

This is Lothario, Loth for short. He is an Italian pasta maker who runs a pasta stand in the world that my previous characters reside in. He’s very kind and caring but narcissistic and self absorbed. He cares a lot about his appearance. But he is not single, he is happily married. His wife is the hostess /head waitress at the pasta stand and they’ve been married a long time. The problem is Loth is always getting himself in trouble and they spend most of their time together constantly bickering.


The Ghost of Drowned Madeline

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Madeline drowned at sea when the ribbons of her dress were pulled into the propeller of a motor boat. An occasional sighting of the ten year old’s ghost is reported by fishermen in her home town. She is always glimpsed white and limp, drifting in a cloud of jellyfish.


#5 Condessi

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Born in a world where strong spirits of the dead cling to objects, Condessi finds one, or rather one is pawned onto her from a mysterious merchant. The spirit of a long dead Aztec prince, Musa, happens to be the only one is existence who knows where a legendary treasure is hidden. With his guidance and Condessi’s quick-thinking they go out in search of the wealth that could change her life and free Musa from the amulet in her possesion, all the while trying to outrun other bandits, guards and the king who seek the fortune for himself.

5 – Etelvina

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Etelvina is a peeira, a figure of Portuguese mythology, also known as a fairy of wolves. She can communicate and control packs of wolves.

This one in particular likes to take wolves to annoy villages she finds, unconsciously looking for more human company.

She doesn’t know why women would shave.

#5 Drago Hellstrom – Prisoner

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In my cold cell, I sit and wait for my visitors. There is no question that there will be visitors. Despite the claims of many that I am a insane mass murderer that should be executed for the good of the world, there are many people who recognize the worth of amoral genius. So it is only a matter of time before they come for me. I don’t know who it will be, but it doesn’t matter. The outcome is the same.

Maybe it will be someone from the government, seeking new and greater weapons for their little wars. They come blustering about God, country and duty, all things that I have discarded in my youth. But I swallow my laughter and bargain with them. Sometimes I ask for freedom to work, sometimes just for a few books to read. Once I asked for a pizza from a restaurant on the other side of the country, just to see if they would get it for me. And when they give me what I ask for, they will receive a toy, a trinket or maybe just an insight. They will not understand it, regardless of the form that it comes in, but they will use anyway, congratulating themselves for destroying their enemies with most advanced weapons that exist.

They are an interesting diversion, but hardly satisfying to me.

No, the visitors that I truly enjoy are the heroes. They only come to me when all other options are expended and there is no hope left. And even then, some of them would still refuse to see me. But someone among them will swallow their pride and come to me. Unlike the pompous general and bureaucrats, I do not play games with these visitors. I take pains to be at my most sane and reasonable, freely giving whatever help I can and asking for nothing in return.

Not because I do not want to see them beg. While seeing them grovel would give me great pleasure, it is nothing compared to watching them after the crisis. The heroes stand before an adoring public, ecstatically grateful for being rescued them from another dire threat to the planet. And they will explain how they saved everything and then they will thank me. I, the brutal madman that routinely endangers the entire world, will be thanked by the greatest heroes of the world. It is delicious to watch the small twitches of disgust float across their face as they speak of my contributions.

But even better than receiving their praise is receiving nothing. When the heroes pretend that they I had no effect on the outcome. It is wonderful. Because eventually they will come to me again seeking my help and I will give it to them, freely and without comment. And on that day, they will look into my eyes and they will be shamed.

While I have no use for such useless emotions, to these heroes, they are everything. For me to show myself greater than them, It is a wound more devastating than any I could inflict by hand.

Day #5 Angel Torres

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Angel Torres

  • Works for Infinite Horizons, where Thomas Cain also works
  • Is always trying to sell men’s care products to co-workers
  • He especially tries to sell to Thomas sine he has difficulty with growing sideburns (a sign of masculinity in this future society)
  • Since products are part of a pyramid scheme, he also tries to recruit Thomas
  • One of his pyramid selling lines is that he actually met someone who was so successful with selling that he was able to buy his way to the Titan Colony (where anybody who is somebody resides)


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A hard working engineer-type girl.

Day 5: Layla Madani

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A woman sitting and reading a comic book. She is wearing a cowl-neck sweater and boxers.Layla is one of my other character’s (Aly) step-sister. She’s 28, and reads comics and graphic novels very frequently, and works at Starbucks.

Day 5: Ms. Astro

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Linda Higgins thought her Grandmother was nothing more than a kindly homebody, and doting grandparent.  This would all change at her Nana Trudy’s funeral she was presented with a strange key and a envelope to a secret location.  She followed the directions, and found an old cabin that housed her Grandmother’s well kept secret.  That she was in fact a stranded time enforcement officer from the year 4002…That on a mission to re-capture a band of fugitives her time transportation device malfunctioned and she became stranded in 1936.  She eventually became a costumed crime fighter known as Ms. Astro.  Armed with various tech from the far future including a TEO standard issue Theta gun and deep space survival suit.  Which she eventually passed on to her granddaughter the 2nd and current Ms. Astro…


Day 5: Olethea, a fish out of water

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Real name: Olethea

Olethea comes from another world – an entirely aquatic planet. On her world she’s a famous and much-respected hero.
When her planet decided to send envoys to Earth in an effort of good faith and friendship, Olethea was one of the few selected.
However her good deeds hide a dark streak of anger and pride.

On Earth she discovers due to the fact that humans live on land, she is rendered near-useless to help when trouble arrives. Her powers are really only useful underwater.
She’s able to walk on land and breathe air but she’s slow above the water and tires easily with gravity constantly pushing her down.

The Earth heroes joke constantly and at times even make fun of her and Olethea’s pride is not used to taking such blows.

She’s got a mouth full of teeth that would make a shark think twice and she’s about ready to use them to show Earth heroes that her bite is worse than their barks.

#5 – Empower Girl

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Empower girl is a young woman with the ability to empower others (and herself) to do things beyond their normal abilities.  She manages a temp-agency with the reputation for getting things done.  She acts kind and friendly to everyone she meets, but there are whispers that she is not the friendly, outgoing woman she appears to be.  Her power can be used in reverse, disempowering people and even disabling them.  She rarely, if ever, uses this ability and focuses more on getting the best workers possible.

She is also a very good communicator and could “sell ice to Eskimos” if she wanted to.  There is talk of her entering politics and possibly becoming president someday, but for now she’s focused on building up her business.

5# Mookie Bear

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Wassup everybody, I hope everybody is having fun in this 30 day character event because I know I am.  I use to watch Yogi Bear and he was crazy, always taking picnic basket  stuff. Well if I had my way, my bear cartoon show would be call Mookie Bear.  Mookie not only take your food but he’ll take your money, your car, your girl. Mookie will do bank robbery, drive by. Mookie is an street thug, he smoke and drink and he love to party. if I had time to redesign boo boo , Ill call him  sean sean.well wish everybody the best fun in this event. one…

#5 Sandy the Heartbreaker

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Sandy the Heartbreaker…I’m having an off day here. :^/

#5 The Lotus Carrier

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The Lotus Carrier is not your friend. No, really. He is not your friend. He lies. That’s the first rule of the Lotus Carrier. Actually, the first rule is this: do not trust the Lotus Carrier. The second rule: do not trust the Lotus Carrier. The third rule: he lies.

If he had a name before this one, it has long since been lost. Some might theorize he himself had forgotten his name, but all who have met him have perished. (There might be one who has encountered him and lived, but she is scary enough on her own.) . Alas, what word of him exists is folk tale and mystery. But the stories of the Lotus Carrier are not ones you tell to children to encourage good behaviour and heroic deeds. His title is only spoken in the softest of whispers in the most brightly lit rooms, in the shadows of alleys from the lips of terrified oracles, in the fluttering of heartbeats before he silences them forever.

No one knows what he looks like, but his mark is well-known: the unbearable, intoxicating scent of dream lotus, and the still, dead heart. When that scent fills your home, bring out your white mourning dress and ring the brazen bells. Someone you loved has met the Lotus Carrier.

Some foolish, brave souls have tried to fight the Lotus Carrier, but to no avail. He does not mark those brave of heart, who seek glory and godhood and have little room for much else in their minds. His prey is simple: hearts small and cold enough to be devoured in a single gulp, and those with cracks in them so that he may slip inside and feast on them from the inside out.

If the Lotus Carrier comes for you, it does not matter if you are brave or scared, rich or poor, handsome or unsightly. Nothing can save you. No one can help you. You might hold him off to wake once more, trapping him in the labyrinth of your mind, but remember: the Asterion is waiting. He is not coming for you. He is already there.

Sweet dreams.

#5 Guinea Pig

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Guinea Pig

Justin “Guinea Pig” Adams is Dr. Legado’s lab assistant/frequent test subject. Due to the irrational nature of Dr. Legado’s experiments, Guinea Pig has occasionally required “upgrades” to make him a better lab assistant.

Guinea Pig’s enhancements include a bionic eye, a mechanical arm, a tentacle, an anti-gravity leg and an antenna for receiving wireless energy to power his bionic parts. Unfortunately, only Dr. Legado’s lab has the wireless energy power source. If Guinea Pig leaves the lab he will lose the use of his bionic eye, arm and anti-gravity leg.

Despite his limitations, Guinea Pig is affable and a loyal assistant to Dr. Legado. He’s a capable assistant, but not the brightest, which helps when you work with a mad scientist.

#5 Moo Cow Moo

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Check out that face squish! oh yeah….he really wants to see that flower….haha!

Day 5: Mackenzie

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Mackenzie knows what’s best for you.

Since she was 9 Mackenzie would get persistent headaches that won’t go away until she figures out what is wrong with her. Or more accurately, what is wrong with you. Highly attuned to people around her, she knows when people need help. The pounding in her head will get more frantic and sharp the longer she ignores someone’s needs.

People might be bothered by losing a favorite toy, having to do a chore, or plotting the death of their unfaithful spouse. This has made Mackenzie’s life more interesting then she ever wanted. She hoped that maybe giving into the headaches would help them go away, but they just get stronger. And the worse the headache, the bigger the problem.

Whether you know it or not, you’re in trouble. And Mackenzie is coming to help you.


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I had an idea a while back for a comic about a band of urban explorers who got together to collect fantastical treasures and go on amazing adventures.

The world of the urban explorers is a secret world going on underneath us right now. It is a world of secret tunnels, magical traps, and incredible adventure.

Sebastian is the newest member of the guild, the former puzzler having mysteriously disappeared. He works at the All Mart a store. A place that has


including the ability to crush Sebastian’s soul. Sebastian has an uncanny mind for puzzles which is needful for urban exploring. Often times treasures are guarded with traps and it’s his job to figure out how to get past them.

He’s an odd guy, he could be heroic but his unwillingness to take on the mantel of “hero” has effected his job, love life, and even posture. Sebastian doesn’t believe in his ability to be a leader. Which is great because the guild already has a leader who isn’t about to give up his power to anyone.

#4 Clo

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Clo is the youngest of three sisters.  Bright-eyed and optimistic, and crafty, above all.  In the year since she’s moved away from home and found a studio apartment and avant garde boyfriend, Clo’s taken to an eclectic assortment of artsy hobbies, from glassblowing to paint-mixing (but not actually painting) to papermaking.  As such, she tends toward a utilitarian wardrobe that won’t be damaged by sticky layers of dirt and grime that accumulate throughout the day, and she doesn’t much care how she looks when people see her: that would require a lot of washing.

Quick to being things but slow to continue (much less finish) them, Clo’s living and working space is littered with the refuse of passing thoughts and ethereal dreams, projects only half-conceived.  Sometimes potential is greater than achievement.

Day 3 “Stick Up Kid”

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Here’s # 3 entry for the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve had this idea for a character for a few days now and have been having a tough time settling on any one sketch. I’m not even 100% sure of this one but it’s much closer to what I intended.

These characters will all have a somewhat Hip Hop theme and will take place on earth and in space with a graffiti/underground comic cartoon style. I’m kind of doing a lot of copying of style at this point but I hope to arrive on a style I can call my own eventually.

Thanks for Checkin in! More updates to come throughout the weekend.

God Bless,
-Marshall aka Calmplex

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#5: Nar

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A demon who forgets his identity. When he forgets who he is, he turns into a stray dog, until someone opens his heart to him… then his instincts take over, and he devours them.

#5 El Pachuco

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El Pachuco is just one cool and stylin’ vato.

Day # 5- Velanpaios Gamizaltonat

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His name is long and complicated so everyone just calls him Tony he’s a bookeeper in hell. He always has a copy of the latest records and details of who knows what. Never ask to see them though then he gets angry the records are for the denizeins of hell. If anyone else glimpses whats in his books they will at the least have their eyes burned out, at the most… well lets just say the janitor will get some overtime. Funnily enough there isn’t all that much important in his records, he’s just hells bookie.

#5 – Drew Hawk

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Drew Samantha Hawk is the daughter of a former businessman, and a former soccer player.  She wasn’t exactly amused with daily life, so she would always go out on her own personal adventures.  Her parents didn’t mind her “adventures”, but they felt extremely worried that something bad might happen to her…


…To their horror, Drew was attacked by a mad scientist who hoped to recruit members of her army.  Drew eventually chased the scientist down and exacted her revenge.


It doesn’t end there…  Drew eventually became insane to the point of chasing after specific targets and attacking them, then she started creating her own laser guns and building her own army of cyborgs, in hopes of being able to take over the entire world.


Because her parents are too scared to even go near her, only a hero of great courage can stop her now… Maybe someone like Sandy…

Day 5- Goatbeard Billy

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After doing animals for a few days straight, it was time to go back to people.

Goatbeard Billy lives in a shanty down by the train tracks in Cevar Canyon. He eats stewed prunes straight out of the can.

#5 Thestre

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Dr. Thestre, from the same story as Dr. Gallant. A twisted and mentally unstable individual who seeks nothing but to incite utopian ideals into the eugenicist empire. Mostly responsible for disposal of undesirables, or errored “files”. He doesn’t particularly enjoy researching as much as he enjoys watching these files become “deleted”.

#4 – Great Grey Worm

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#5 The Cosmic One

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The ultimate solipsist, in a battle of cosmic proportions. Obviously, his weapon is the singularity.

A retelling (regurgitation) of all those stupid cosmic battles in superhero comics. Perhaps a short comic.


#4 Jason Templar

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#4 Jason Templar — Jason is a starship captain aboard the Star Ranger patrol ship, Foxfire One.  Jason is a workaday captain more interested in exploring space, aiding the injured, and stopping a problem than the paramiltary rankings amoung the Rangers. As it is, he is the ideal of the American western: causal, good humored, hard working, fair treatment with others, etc. Foxfire One’s other crew members are Lis’a Roan (Jason’s wife — the ship’s engineer) and Doctor Gene Hu (the ship’s civilian medical and science officer)( the Ridgerunner class patrol ships have an average crew of three to five).

The Foxfire One series was my idea for the great American science fiction novel. I thought it would be great if I could get all my diverse science fiction characters together for one big, splashy adventure that pitted the heroes against an alien invasion. The lead characters would be this little patrol ship that would end up carrying all the heroes to the climatic fight scene. Unfornately, I’ve been playing with this idea for ten years.

More of these characters will be seen for the first time in my falling posts.

#5 Clodhopper

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the clodhopper is just something horrible that hops after you and latches onto your post apocolyptic wasteland crawler and stares in the windows. yet they’ve mastered the technology of grass skirts. hm.

#4 Lord Chario

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lord chario is a hekshanian. their society is so broken and collapsed, he’s about what amounts to royalty there. some dude with a keg. bow before your new lord, petty serf.