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Fell behind so I doubled up to catch up.

Faunus and Fauna are Discord Summoners for House Ataraxia in the role playing game Imperium Nova – more NPCs that I’m designing, as is the case with Sorcha from yesterday.

Unlike the mercenaries House Ataraxia hires, Discord summoners are raised from a young age and trained in-house, recruited from the local Murcanoan population of Alcor 13, taken from their households before any outside cultural influences can seep in. As such, Faunus and Fauna have lived extremely sheltered, bleak existences. Discord is a hostile, violent energy, both physically and emotionally demanding, thus frequent channeling of it usually results in short life-spans. Even if they aren’t killed in battle (which is pretty likely, as a Discord Summoner forms a major backbone of an Ataraxia seige), the two will not live to see middle-age.

Discord Summoners rarely live even to maturity, unless the child develops a coping mechanism. Fauna and Faunus’ coping mechanism is their mutual support – the pair are twins, and their bond persisted past their exactly conditioning. As such they are more stable than most of their peers.


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