#5 Kam

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You can either run away from trouble. Or you can run towards it.

Kamielle had never lived an ordinary life, but it had been her life. A life with a family, a marriage, a goldfish. She had a job and worked hard at it and she was good at what she did. Work was separate from home. That was the nature of the beast, you don’t shit where you eat.

Only, one day, work had followed her home.

It had been messy, it had been brutal, it had been the end of her life as she knew it. They had come in the night and ripped them from their beds. There had been knives. There had been a fire. There had been blood. They had taken everything and left only a bloodied empty shell. There was nothing to refill her world. Only the job. A contract she had set herself. MAKE THEM SUFFER.

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