3 & 4- Familiars.

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These two are both familiars. They are typically made out of a few items that are close to the person they are for, and combine to a form that traps a soul. They typically last until one of the items decays enough that they lose stability, but in recent times the ethical implications of trapping a soul for what could potentially be an eternity has led to ‘timers’ being produced that degrade after a set time and free the soul back to where it came from. They are also commonly made out of a special dust, whose properties allow the creatures to move around easily and fade in and out of sight.


The first creature is the work of a student- it’s made of items that no experienced familiar crafter would want to use. A simple and common mistake is using something that makes sound as it’s main function (in this case an ipod) leads to a noisy familiar. It is also made from a teddy, which would be very attached to it’s owner.  This and the backlit screen means that the owner of this familiar wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep.


The second is the work of a much more advanced crafter- it retains a far more solid form and has taken on a shape of it’s own despite still being mostly made of the dust (a feature more commonly found in ‘strong’ souls). It was made of a bird’s skull, an old umbrella and a broken string of beads, the latter of which floats behind it as a tail of sorts. Despite having legs, the creature is more likely to float than trot.



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