#3 Danielle “Dani” Stone

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From the notes of Doctor Erica Wallace, Chief Scientist, Project: Chimera:

September 21, 2011.  Subject 042 exhibits some of the most promising results of our trials yet — enhanced strength, endurance, resistance to injury and disease.  She would be a perfect specimen for our plans if not for her headstrong nature and utter contempt for authority figures.  Suggest we attempt to determine why her body has adapted so well to Xenovirus 121074 and isolate this factor for use in other subjects.


September 30, 2011.  Cross freed Subject 042 from our Los Angeles facility and is currently on the run from our military forces, having joined with his group of “Outcasts.”  Further studies have shown that her body hides the genetic variable that I have been seeking for years.  Must implore General Adams that I need her returned alive or else all of our years of planning and experimentation are for naught.



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