#3 Nancy Jackson

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Nancy Jackson , Farmer

Nancy Jackson , Farmer


The time,somewhere around  1851. The woman, Nancy Jackson. Her job, Farmer. Nancy Jackson is a fiercely independent farming woman in Illinois-her farm has operated smoothly until recently-heads of cattle have been dissapearing and strange figures run around the farm some nights. Nancy is determined to find out what this is all about…

She is known and respected in the region as the first woman in illinois to have worn overalls.

Powers-she wakes up early, she is good  at doing chores, has freckles.

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  1. cresc says:

    You have some seriously cook anatomy skills, and have some neat character ideas as well.

  2. Selkirk says:

    thanks again for the kind words bro-yeah i wanted to go with a pretty mundane/ordinary character…farmer seemed to fit the bill :D.

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