#4 Clo

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Clo is the youngest of three sisters.  Bright-eyed and optimistic, and crafty, above all.  In the year since she’s moved away from home and found a studio apartment and avant garde boyfriend, Clo’s taken to an eclectic assortment of artsy hobbies, from glassblowing to paint-mixing (but not actually painting) to papermaking.  As such, she tends toward a utilitarian wardrobe that won’t be damaged by sticky layers of dirt and grime that accumulate throughout the day, and she doesn’t much care how she looks when people see her: that would require a lot of washing.

Quick to being things but slow to continue (much less finish) them, Clo’s living and working space is littered with the refuse of passing thoughts and ethereal dreams, projects only half-conceived.  Sometimes potential is greater than achievement.

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