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| November 5, 2011 | 2 Comments


March is a constant seeker. Traveling day and night on his motorbike seemingly motivated by a force that gives a strength to persist through all barriers or conditions. His purpose is unknown, but some say hes searching for his runaway love.


Artist note: Its been a long while since I’ve done a more serious character. Definitely difficult to do as it definitely broke me out of my comfort zone. This character has been brewing in my mind for a while-he’s a stereotypical bad boy-but has been softened out of meeting this one girl. I wanted small subtle signs that indicate his soft side-the plush keychain (perhaps given to him by his gf) and a puzzle piece necklace. He is every girl’s dream character-the man that’s tough and will do everything to fight for you…yet deep down a sensitive soul. Can’t help but feel so attached this character-If I have more time I would have loved to render the image better, but I actually don’t mind the rough painterly feeling and tried to keep that feeling throughout.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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  1. macb says:

    Great feeling in this one, I like how she envelopes him, and his expression shows that his thoughts are of her!

  2. macb says:

    I like how she envelopes him, a really good representation of what it’s like to have someone on your mind, as well his expression reads this as well.

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