#4 – Ring Deshay

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Hayden’s husband. C:  They’re around the same age, and met at a tournament for ‘the combative arts’—Hayden with her fencing and Ring for kenpo (or his world’s version of it). He was entranced at seeing Hayden fight, and when she won her part of the tourney, he approached her and asked her to teach him. He was confident in his hand-to-hand combat skills but wanted to achieve the grace and fluidity he observed from the fencers. And the rest is history.

Ring is fairly big for an Alk—he’s at least four inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than the average Alk. But then, he’s only half Alk. His magic is weaker because of it, but he doesn’t care, not anymore. (It also explains his heterochromia—all Alks have green eyes because of the magic in their blood, but Ring has one green eye and one brown eye).


Ring was raised in a tribe of people who dwell on the waterfront—on the other side of the mountains that surround the Alk capital. His tattoo comes from practices on his father’s (the non-Alk) side of the family; once a boy reaches puberty they must shave their heads and meditate to find their fialg, or spirit animal / animal companion. Ring inked a squid-like design on his head because he remembers his father catching a wandering squid one day and how fiercely it fought. It was the strangest animal he’d ever seen before, but he admired it.

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