#5 Corporal Edelbrecht

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#5 Corporal Edelbrecht

Edelbrecht is a young guard at the General’s palace in Mulgrad.
He was born in the murky marshes near the eastern borders of the country, and spent his first fifteen years tending to the fertile, if unstable,
land that his family used to call home. When war came to Edelbrecht’s home, his parents and three sisters were murdered in their bed by
looting mercenaries hired by the Merchant Protectorate. When the officer that was lord of that land came to collect the levies due to him
to fight the aggressors, Edelbrecht was first in line, and he has stayed with the army ever since. He quickly earned the respect of his commander,
and was eventually given a post as palace guard after the General himself had seen his fighting prowess.
He is a quiet and brooding man, not given to fraternizing with fellow soldiers. He is fanatically loyal to the General, and a particular hate for
mercenaries and soldiers who loot. Unbeknownst to anyone but himself and his allies, Edelbrecht is under the direct command of Inquisitor Malagyze.
He is tall but otherwise unremarkable in face or stature, and wears his hair close-cropped in a sodier’s cut.

Watching Hen,

The Vastovs have arrived and we are almost sure that he’ll make his move tonight.
I’ll try to extract the boy and his father, wait for me at the usual place with horses as soon as you’re done in the kitchen.

Your Rooster Guard

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